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Canton Screams NIMBY at Proposed Red Line.
April 27, 2009, 2:59 pm
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Baltimore Red Line OppositionNot In My Back Yard!

That is what the residents of Baltimore’s upscale Canton neighborhood are saying in response to the proposed East-West Red Line light rail, which is the city’s current public transportation priority.

According to a recent article by Michael Dresser in the Baltimore Sun, Canton residents want the light rail to pass underground or not at all.  Dresser states that in the current plan, known as Alternate 4-C, “The line would run in a tunnel under downtown and Fells Point. But it would rise from the depths on Aliceanna Street and run on the surface along Boston Street – the broad avenue that separates the luxury waterfront development to the south from the trendy night spots and the Safeway and Starbucks on the north.”

Canton is organizing to oppose this plan and several residents Dresser interviewed shared their disapproval.  Dresser reports, “Ben Rosenberg, a lawyer who lives along the Canton waterfront, is convinced that Alternative 4-C would ‘debase’ if not ‘destroy’ his neighborhood.”

For the full Baltimore Sun article, CLICK HERE.

What is “Green”?
April 6, 2009, 12:19 am
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green3During a recent renovation project on our Baltimore rowhome, it became quite apparent that my version of “green” and that of our professed green builder were very different.  This is unfortunately not uncommon and, as green construction and home renovation projects expand, the confusion over what “green building” means is causing problems.  In a recent article for The Daily Record, Caryn Tamber writes, “The growing green building movement may bear unintended fruit: legal trouble”.

According to the article, the construction industry has yet to define green building and no one has been designated to ensure the final product.  As a result, green construction standards can vary greatly from one builder to the next and efficiency promises and product warranties may be broken.  Tamber states, “Lawyers are telling their clients to avoid legal action by not making too many promises about the green value of projects.”  But high expectations may be a good thing.  Lisa London of Edifice, a Baltimore General Contractor and Construction Management firm with a focus on sustainable practices says, “that green buildings will be better than the non-green structures that came before.”

For the full article from The Daily Record, CLICK HERE.

Before Michelle, Sheila Had Visions of Veggies On Her House Lawn And Plantings Begin This Saturday!

city_hall_veggie_gardensGround will be broken this Saturday at Baltimore’s City Hall, according a recent Baltimore Sun article, and Sheila Dixon will have her wish of turning the City Hall’s formal gardens into vegetable gardens.  “The plantings will extend from the porches of City Hall across War Memorial Plaza to Gay Street” and will cover nearly 2000 sq. ft, nearly twice the size of the proposed White House vegetable gardens.  Crops from the gardens will benefit the soup kitchen at Our Daily Bread, a nonprofit for the homeless, which feeds 700-800 people daily.

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