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The Majority Of Greening at Baltimore’s First Green Hotel Site Seems To Be Happening Within The Developer Himself.

Baltimore’s first green hotel is expected to open in July 2009 at the former location of the Baltimore Brewing Company at the corner of Lombard and Albemarle Street. The brewing company, which was founded in 1989 by Theo de Groen, inhabited a 16,000 square foot historic structure built in 1796.  De Groen closed the brewing facility and restaurant in 2005 and, according to a January 2007 article in the Baltimore Business Journal, attempted to sell the property to a developer who planned to build townhouses at the site.  The city reportedly blocked the plan in hopes of preserving three historic structures on the property.

Apparently if you call it green, demolish it you may.  Flash forward to February 2008 and only a portion of the shell of the brewing company remained (for images of the site, CLICK HERE to view pictures posted on Flickr, apparently by someone involved with the demolition project). The new hotel building was quickly erected thereafter and no structure from the historic buildings are visible from the outside.   In a winter 2007/2008 newsletter on the Mid-Atlantic Construction website, the project was hailed as a success at a time when “The industry is coming back down to reality as the slumping residential market contributes to deeper than expected declines.”

As the project nears completion, WJZ TV interviewed the project’s developer and hotel manager.  Developer Gene Singleton, of Summit Associates, explains that the brewery’s beer storage tanks are being used to collect rainwater and that solar panels and a green roof will be installed. “You stick your toe in, and you just get sucked. You just totally bought into it. You talk about it all the time,” says Singleton and now he is planning more green hotels.  The hotel’s general manager, Patrick Leary, admits he didn’t recycle before the project began, but now plans to recycle trash from the guest rooms.

Fairfield Inn by Marriot 1st Green Hotel in Baltimore Groundbreaking Video:

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