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Green Business Award: Suga Shack Soaps Will Have You Wasting Not, But Wanting Much


If you are someone who is trying to reduce your waste and specifically your plastic waste, the purchasing of everyday products can be a much more arduous task than it should be.  Just the other day I was downtown and in need of a midday snack.  I passed up several pre-packaged options and opted for a bagel with cream cheese from City Café.  To my dismay, a bagel was presented with two plastic mini-tubs of Philly cream cheese and a plastic knife.  Ugh -I should have bought the darn Kettle chips!


It is with this sentiment and great joy that Baltidome offers its latest Green Business Award to Leslie Joyner and her Suga Shack booth at the Waverly Farmer’s Market for excellent products presented with minimal waste.  Each Saturday, Leslie and her crew set out long rectangles of uncut soap made from vegetable bases made mostly from olive, coconut and soy.  The soaps are all natural and do not contain colorants, enhancers or unnecessary binders of any kind.  Leslie is quick to point out that “I use only what I need”.  Each purchased block is hand cut, wrapped in wax paper and bagged in paper (if you need it).

However thoughtful the creation and packaging of the soap, it is the product itself that will keep you faithful. Leslie knows her stuff.  After working for years with M.A.C. and other cosmetic giants, she has plenty of experience with the skin care industry and it shows in her product.  Deliciously rich scents of peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, mango and cranberry waft from the soap varieties and each are specially crafted to refresh, soothe, purify, etc..  It was Leslie’s Grandmother and the memory of her homemade soaps that inspired Leslie to start her own skin care business.  She explains that there is a world of difference between what was used to make soap then and what Leslie uses, but her Grandmother’s hand made soaps nonetheless sparked a love affair with skin care that continues to this day.

You can find Leslie Joyner’s products from the Suga Shack Soap Factory each Saturday at the 32nd Street Farmers Market (Waverly Farmer’s Market) from 7am to Noon.  For a map and directions, CLICK HERE.



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