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Uh Oh, The Secret Is Out
October 2, 2009, 9:40 am
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36 Hours in Baltimore

Featured in the New York Times Travel Section today is an article about spending 36 Hours in Baltimore.  Here is a snippet:

IF you watch HBO’s police drama “The Wire,” you might think that Baltimore is filled with drug dealers and crime ringleaders. But in truth, the city has attracted a different breed of misfits: artists. Lured by cheap rents and warehouse spaces, artists and photographers have flocked there to claim the city as their own. Once rough neighborhoods like Hampden and Highlandtown have been taken over in recent years by studios, galleries and performance spaces. Crab joints and sports bars now share the cobblestone streets with fancy cafes and tapas restaurants. But against this backdrop, there are still the beehive hairdos and wacky museums that give so-called Charm City its nickname.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.


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Holy crap, a possitive review of our city from a NEW YORK paper? This city IS a nice place (despite the constant, incesant, and random crime, I do dislike hearing gunshots every other night or having crackheads try to hotwire my 1994 Ponitac crapmobile) and we deserve some respect for showing up and making it so. Lets just hope the economic downturn in this area starts to reverse and we get some more employment, it would do wonders to improve some of the worst off neighborhoods. Combine the young scenes in the city with Maryland’s aggressive renewable energy roadmap going forward, along with the advantage that comes with being close to DC, and you come up with the best city for young people on this side of the country. Yes there’s crime, but odds are you aren’t going to get killed, but you do get a big break on rent vs most urban areas. 🙂

Comment by Iandanger

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