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No Impact Week Begins October 18th

In Spring of 2009 the No Impact Project was founded.  Soon thereafter the No Impact Project site was created to encourage people to reduce their environmental impact.

Later this year, No Impact Project teamed up with The Huffington Post to create the No Impact Experiment to encourage people to go “No Impact” for one week.  Here is their handy No Impact Guide.  So, come on Baltimore, join today!

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I’m already on the path to no impact, I’m definitely going to start looking at their recommendations. Of course, my bike needs serious work and I cant drive it, but my commute is 2 miles, so really am I producing that much carbon? Walking to work would be intense, but probably doable, I could take the bus, but it costs more. I’m not sure how you get rid of trash without a dedicated compost pickup that goes to a composting facility, as I have a compost bin and still am producing trash. Of course my worms have been escaping, so I’m worried there wont be much composting going on soon. Sigh. No impact is as much disapointment as it is progress

Comment by Iandanger

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