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Assessment Of Baltimore Recycling Since One Plus One Went Into Effect

Baltimore Recycling Up More Than 50% In Less Than A Year

According to the Baltimore Community Foundation, ” Baltimoreans of all stripes have demonstrated their commitment to recycling in recent months, driving a 53% increase in the number of recyclables collected by the city since the One Plus One program was implemented in July 2009. In addition, the amount of trash taken to landfills has decreased 29% during the same period.”

That’s great news.  The reduction of trash pickup to once a week is apparently having a forcable impact on resident’s recycling habits.  However, before we start patting ourselves on the back, it is important to remember that while recycling is up, so too is the production of plastic products, containers and packaging.  According to the EPA, the amount of plastic in our waste stream is 12 times what it was in 1970.  Plastic cannot be infinitely recycled and it never biodegrades.  The result is a floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, otherwise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that is twice the size of Texas.

What you can do:

  1. Avoid plastic at the grocery store and buy food in glass or metal containers.
  2. Purchase natural fiber clothing, bedding and furniture.
  3. Avoid all PVC and Styrene products.
  4. Purchase products with minimal packaging.
  5. Stop buying bottled water. (40 percent of water bottled in the United States comes from public water supplies.)
  6. Support Baltimore Councilman Kraft’s efforts to rid our city of platic bags. Purchase or make cloth bags for shopping.

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