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Observe Black Friday

Celebrate Black Friday, Participate By Not Participating

It is time to get real.  The moment you buy something, that very same thing is built again, using new resources and energy.  You simply can not shop your way to a greener future.  A 2007 CNN report revealed a shocking study done by CIBC World Markets on green consumerism.  The study showed that making consumers feel better about their shopping choices — by encouraging them to buy energy efficient products — produced one notable outcome: They bought more.

The first Buy Nothing Day started in 1997.  The goal is to remind us: There’s only one way to avoid the collapse of this human experiment of ours on Planet Earth: we have to consume less. To learn more about Buy Nothing Day, CLICK HERE.

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Heh, I’m sympathetic to the idea, but since friday is the only day I have a ride to pick up my new vehicle (motorscooter ftw), I will be spending quite a bit on friday. Alas!

Comment by Iandanger

Another view is that it might work quite well. Fopsi-uhorpmng is inevitable, unless all eggs are to be put in one basket. European patent judges have begun to take notice of each other's decisions so that national laws may draw closer together. Isn't this better than having the CJEU reinventing the law from first principles? Who'd like to bet on that coming out right?

Comment by Nyanna

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