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Baltimore Free Store December Free Market This Saturday

Baltimore Free Store Market
At The 2640 Space, Sat. Dec. 12th

Image Courtesy of Red Emmas

The Baltimore Free Store’s December Free Market
Saturday Dec 12, 12PM @ 2640 (2640 St. Paul St.)

From the Baltimore Free Store:

What kind of stuff can I take?!
Whatever we have, you can take.  Clothes, toys, household items, kitchen wares, etc. etc. etc.  We only ask that you don’t get greedy, so that everyone has a chance to get something good.  If we have decorative baskets and you already have 46 decorative baskets at your house, you should probably leave them for someone else…

Do I really not have to pay for the stuff?!
NO!  Everything is 100%, for real. no joke, FREE.

So this is like…a handout?!
Absolutely not.  By taking our stuff, you are recycling and reusing.  This is not about hand outs: it’s about communities helping provide for each others need and learning to consume less and give more.  It’s free shopping!

About the Baltimore Free Store:
We collect unwanted goods and redistribute them to people who want them.  It’s pretty simple.  We are trying to change the way people view their relationship to their goods, their community and their earth.  Though we target low-income neighborhoods to distribute goods, there are no requirements for shoppers; all Free Markets are open to anyone who wishes to come.  Our motto: give what you can, take what you need.

This event is organized by Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse.

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