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Baltimore Last Minute Green Gift Guide

Baltimore Last Minute Green Gift Guide

For the most part, eco-shopping is an oxymoron.  The moment you buy something, that very same thing is built again, using new resources and energy.  Especially detrimental are the last minute purchases of useless items FedExed across the country just so that you have something for whomever on Christmas.

This year Baltidome encourages you to focus your last minute purchases on local services and goods.  Below is a list of truly green purchases available up until the day before Christmas.

Purchase a Maryland Film Festival Membership.  Become a Friend of the Festival and you’ll not only enjoy the annual four-day festival, but also invitations to screenings and events each month.   You can see groundbreaking films, independent films, classic films, and big studio prerelease films throughout the year for free.  A Friend of the Festival membership is $50.  For more information: CLICK HERE.

Give the gift of clay with a Baltimore Clayworks gift certificate.  Give something that won’t end up in a closet, or tucked away in a drawer. Something that they don’t already have one, two or three of.  This year, give them an experience.  Opportunities range from a one day workshop to an eight week class and prices range from $40 – $350.  There is sure to be something for everyone.  Gift certificates can be purchased at the Baltimore Clayworks Gallery or online.

Woodberry Kitchen is a Baltidome favorite featuring the seasonal best from local growers and emphasizes organic meats and sustainable agriculture.  Woodberry Kitchen has gift cards readily available for purchase during their normal business hours: Mon – Sat, 5 – 10pm and Sun, 10am – pm.

For a list of Baltimore neighborhood restaurants from the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance, CLICK HERE.

Even if you’ve never done it, you gotta admit you’re curious right?  So, who wouldn’t enjoy a yoga class for free?  Whether you are a couch-potato or a professional athlete, yoga will help you in many ways.  Charm City Yoga offers gift certificates from $25 for single sessions to $125 for ten classes or merchandise.  Gift certificates are available online, by phone or at any one of their four locations in Baltimore.

Baltidome is happy to offer a growing directory of artists creating works with found materials.  When you support small businesses, you support your city.  From paintings by Eli Halpin created with salvaged paint, to upcycled  Craft Taps for the homebrewer, to Sweet Pepita‘s recycled children’s clothing, you are sure to find something out of the ordinary.

For the upcycled art directory, CLICK HERE.

The Antique Row Stalls on Howard Street in downtown Baltimore offers 10,000 square feet of gallery space featuring vintage and modern items as well as centuries old antiques.  Among the many unique offerings, the Antique Row Stalls currently has an unusual selection of ex-voto in the form of body parts.  An ex-voto is a votive offering to a saint or divinity, given in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion.  They range in price from $75 – $150

For a list of suggested area antique stores, CLICK HERE.

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