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Remington: Walmart’s Latest Move to Crush the Competition

Project Impact: Walmart’s Latest Move to Crush the Competition

Could Remington’s 25th Street Station development be part of Walmart’s plans for “Project Impact”?

From TIME:

The company is in the beginning stages of a massive store and strategy remodeling effort, which it has dubbed Project Impact. One goal of Project Impact is cleaner, less cluttered stores that will improve the shopping experience. Another is friendlier customer service. A third: home in on categories where the competition can be killed.

Read the whole story: TIME

A  petition has been created, No Wal-Mart In Remington. To check out the petition, CLICK HERE.

Wal-Mart, Not Just Lowes, Wants To Move To Remington

Wal-Mart, Not Just Lowes, Wants To Move To Remington

According to The Daily Record, Wal-Mart has committed to “25th Street Station”, a development project in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore at the former Anderson Automotive site.  Rhoda Washington, a Wal-Mart regional senior manager, says that “The site will do so many things, and it’s so consistent with where Baltimore is headed as far as the green movement, and trying to generate jobs…This area has informed us that they want a Walmart.”

Washington statement is curious, because area residents have only reported a Lowes at the proposed site.  No discussions regarding a Wal-Mart have come from community meetings about the development project.  For the full article from The Daily Record, CLICK HERE.

The Baltimore City Councilmember for this district is Belinda Conway.  To send her your thoughts, CLICK HERE for her contact information.

A  petition has been created, No Wal-Mart In Remington, CLICK HERE.

Join The Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance

Join The Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance

The Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance is a Baltimore-based business association educating the public on the importance of supporting the local economy and encouraging businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.  If you are interested in joining the alliance, consider attending their monthly networking event, CSBA Green Mondays.  On the first Monday of each month, CSBA holds an educational and networking event at various locations around Baltimore.


March 1, 2010 at Feast @ 4 East.

  • Enjoy Mardis Gras themed menu provided by our venue host Feast @ 4 East and local wine provided by Black Ankle Vineyards.
  • Hear Prescott Gaylord, LEED AP BD+C, President of Baltimore Green Construction discuss how to apply the principles of “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle” to construction & building.
  • Network with fellow CSBA and Buy Local members.
  • Join CSBA at the event and received 15% off the membership price!

For more information, CLICK HERE.

Green Events This Weekend

Green Events This Weekend

Panel Discussion
Hope for the Chesapeake Bay: A survey of challenges and solutions in the community

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Brunch, 10 a.m.| Program 10:30-12 p.m.

Moderator and long time environmentalist, Gerald Winegrad will walk us through a brief history of the state of the Chesapeake Bay allowing us to take a look at how political, policy, and societal issues threaten our national treasure today.   Leaders and activists will share their experiences at both state and federal levels as we explore the steps citizens can take to successfully revitalize our local waterways.  Funders and local environmental groups will be on hand to help get you started today!


Chuck Fox, Senior Advisor on the Chesapeake Bay, EPA
Halle Van der Gaag, Director, Jones Falls Watershed Association
Ned Tillman, Author of The Chesapeake Bay: A Sense of Place, A Call to Action
Tom Horton, Author of Turning the Tide: saving the Chesapeake Bay
John Campagna, Principal, Restore Capital

The event is free and open to the public. $10 donation encouraged but not required.


Baltimore Museum of Industry
1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230

Mount Washington Eco Fair at Mt. Washington Village

Saturday, February 27, 2010
10am – 2pm

The Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge and the Mount Washington Improvement Association are going to be co-hosting the Mount Washington’s first annual Eco Fair on Saturday February 27, 2010.  The event will feature eco-friendly craftsmen, artists, environmental health specialists, acupuncturists, energy efficiency service providers, renewable energy installation providers, environmental products, urban garden specialists, local and sustainable food, and much more.  Raffles and prizes will be given away.


Mount Washington Elementary School
1801 Sulgrave Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore Blizzard Casualty
February 18, 2010, 9:52 pm
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Maryland Zoo, Baltimore Blizzard Casualty

Firkins in Baltimore
February 18, 2010, 1:18 am
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Firkins in Baltimore

Alexander D. Mitchell IV, Beer in Baltimore Blog Writer

For those of you not up on local beer culture, Thursday and Friday are often Firkin Days in Baltimore.

What is a firkin and why is it eco-friendly?  Eric Asimov of the New York Times explains that cask ales, or firkins, are unlike typical beers which are “are injected with carbon dioxide, filtered and often pasteurized, stored in pressurized kegs and served through gas-powered taps”.  Instead, firkins are “unpasteurized and unfiltered… naturally carbonated, or conditioned, in its cask by yeast transforming sugar into alcohol with a side of fizzy carbon dioxide trapped in the cask”.  Firkins are hand pumped and are served cool rather than cold.  Due to the natural fermentation method, a firkin has a short shelf life when tapped and will only last a few days.

Because folks are looking back to old ways of doing things and are interested in local goods, firkin nights have been popping up in cites across America.  This week you will find Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale, brewed in Frederick, Maryland at Metropolitan in Federal Hill and Olivers Bishop Indulgence at Max’s.  Heavy Seas Siren Noire will be on tap at Alonso’s in Roland Park on Friday.

Can’t catch this week’s firkin’s?  -Don’t fret, you can check in with Alexander D. Mitchell IV, Baltimore Columnist for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News at his blog, Beer in Baltimore, for upcoming events.