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Could Baltimore Become A Solar City?

Could Baltimore Become A Solar City?

There have been some interesting indications this past week suggesting that Baltimore may be on the verge of a solar boom.  For one, Constellation Energy announced that it is interested in supporting solar development and “has committed to expanding solar project development over the next several years…with a focus on projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California where solar incentives and credits make development particularly attractive for customers financially”.

Additionally Meredith Cohn, of the Baltimore Sun, writes on the Bmore Green Blog that “legislators and business people plan to show their support for three solar related bills being considered by the General Assembly”.  Cohn sites International Center for Sustainable Development who “shows the state gets about 196,000 gigawatt-hours of solar energy on a sunny summer day. That’s more than what’s produced at the state’s mostly coal-fired power plants here in a year”.

For the full article, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about tax credits and funding for solar panels in Maryland, CLICK HERE.

Development Puts Historic And Viable Building In Jeopardy

Development Puts Historic And Viable Building In Jeopardy

The blogosphere is bringing to light this week the jeopardy of a historic building in Remington.  Baltimore Heritage Blog and Baltimore Brew are getting the word out about the 1891 Royer’s Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, at the corner of 24th and Sisson St, which may be demolished to make room for a loading dock as part of the proposed Lowe’s development in Remington.  The Baltimore Heritage, a citywide, nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization, is urging the preservation and adaptive reuse of the former Royer’s Methodist Episcopal Church.

For more information about the church from the Baltimore Heritage, CLICK HERE.

Baltimore Blizzard 2010 Photos
February 15, 2010, 12:01 am
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Baltimore Blizzard 2010

Most folks are back to work by now, but life in the city is hardly business as usual.  It has been Snomageddon for some and a Snowcation for others.  Below are some images of Mother Nature’s dramatic encounter with Baltimore City from the last week.

Remington Avenue

The National Guard in front of Ace Of Cakes.

Father and child and snow covered cars.

Cross country skiers in Druid Hill Park.

Reservoir Hill digging out.

Trucks lined up on President's Street to dump snow into the harbor.

A street in Hampden after the second hit of the one-two snow punch.

Man and dog friend on a snow packed road.

Snow covered trees hiding a group of rowhomes.

A Green Valentine’s Day

A Green Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has been celebrated for hundreds of years. The oldest known paper Valentine’s card is from the 1400’s and housed in the British Museum.  However, today the pressure of presenting your loved one with a dramatic (and often expensive) gift comes from a marketing beast that is incapable of appreciating the simple romantic gestures of yesteryear.

But, doing something nice for those you love can be thoughtful and fun.  And there are still ways to be considerate of the environment when giving gifts.   One idea is buying locally made handcrafted edible treats as presents.

Great Treats From Baltimore City Businesses:


Homemade Candies
3352 Wilkens Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

A. Kirchmayr Chocolate

Fine European Chocolates
Available At The Wine Source
3601 Elm Ave
Baltimore, MD 21211

Bergers Cookies

Award Winning Cookies
Available In Many Grocery Stores In Baltimore And Lexington Market

Sweet Sin Cupcakes

All Natural & Gluten Free Desserts
123 West 27th Street
Baltimore, MD

Charm City Cupcakes

For Special Days & Everyday
326 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

The Fitzgerald To Be Largest Green Apartment Complex In Baltimore

The Fitzgerald To Be Largest Green Apartment Complex In Baltimore

The Fitzgerald, a large grey building under construction on Mt. Royal Avenue between the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Lyric Opera House, is nearing completion and will become Baltimore’s largest green Apartment Complex.  The Bozzuto Group, the project’s developers, announced that the Fitzgerald “is on track to become the most sizeable LEED certified apartment community in the Baltimore area”.

According to the Bozzuto Group, the Fitzgerald will:

  • be at least 14% more efficient than current standards require
  • purchase 70% of the building’s electricity from renewable sources
  • reduce water consumption by 40%
  • be 100% smoke free
  • implement carpets, adhesives, sealants, paints that will meet or exceed low VOC standards
  • be constructed from at least 10% recycled materials
  • divert no less than 75% of construction waste to recycling
  • offer an enclosed bicycle area with racks
  • offer preferred parking for hybrid vehicles and car sharing

For a link to the Fitzgerald site, CLICK HERE.

To follow the Fitzgerald on Twitter, CLICK HERE.

Why Support The Plastic Bag Ban

Why You Should Support Baltimore’s Plastic Bag Ban…

On Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 the Baltimore City Council will hold the next hearing on a plastic bag ban in Baltimore.

Since 2008, Councilman James B. Kraft has been leading efforts to make Baltimore the second city in the nation to ban plastic bags in grocery and retail chain stores.  San Fransisco was the first.  In previous hearings, where legislation would require a charge 25 cents for each plastic bag, the bill failed.

It only breaks down into smaller & smaller pieces that become part of the ecosystem.  Is 25 cents to much to ask to remind us to bring our own bags to stores?  People from other parts of the world have been bringing their own bags to stores for years.  According to the BBC, a 2002 tax on plastic shopping bags in the Republic of Ireland has cut their use by more than 90% and raised millions of euros in revenue.

If you would like to support Councilman Kraft’s efforts to ban plastic bags in Baltimore, contact your city councilman.

To identify your district, CLICK HERE.
To identify your city council member, CLICK HERE.

Sample letter:

Dear City Council Member _____,
I am aware of an upcoming city council hearing on plastic bag prohibition in Baltimore.  I am a Baltimore City resident from your district and I support the effort to ban plastic bags in our city.  Plastic waste is a detriment to our landscape and waterways, as it never biodegrades.  I understand, that in order to reduce plastic waste in Baltimore, residents will be required to bring their own bags to stores and/or pay a surcharge. I accept this proposal and hope that you will work to pass these measures.

Thank You,
Your Name