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Is Baltimore City Looking To Give Tax Breaks Or Sell Recycle Bins?

Is Baltimore City Looking To Give Tax Breaks Or Sell Recycle Bins?

This week Baltidome learned from ABC News of a possible bill to grant Baltimore City residents a tax break if they recycle.  Excited by the proposition, Baltidome checked out the bill in question, HOUSE BILL 1001, to get the details. Unfortunately, the findings were disappointing.  According to the bill, the tax break would begin on July 1, 2010 for the “Use of City Recycling Bins” and not exclusively for the activity of recycling.

Currently you may put your recyclable materials in paper bags, cardboard boxes, City recycle bins or any container clearly marked “recycle”.  On recycling collection days the resourcefulness of Baltimorians is evident as many used and equally effective containers sit in tandem with official city bins on sidewalks.  Requiring citizens who already have effective containers to buy a NEW plastic bin in order to receive the tax break would be counterproductive and short sighted.

House Bill 1001 is sponsered by Maryland delegates FRANK M. CONAWAY, JR.,, and CURTIS STOVALL ANDERSON,

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