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Whither Cleaner Greener Indeed

Whither Cleaner Greener Indeed

When Mayor Rawlings-Blake took office a few months ago, many were looking for clues for which direction the new mayor would take the city.  We wondered which policies of the prior administration would be followed through with and what would be changed.  In a February post on the B’More Green Baltimore Sun Blog (Whither “cleaner, greener” Baltimore?), reporter Tim Wheeler questioned whether the new administration would continue the campaign for a Cleaner, Greener and more sustainable Baltimore, or not.

From the article:
Rawlings-Blake already has signaled that she’s got different watchwords for the city under her mayoralty – “better, safer, stronger.” And she’s indicated she plans to focus on public safety, education and economic development.

Now, some of Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s interests (or perhaps disinterests) are becoming clear.  Rawlings-Blake spoke out against the plastic bag fee that then failed in city council hearings earlier this month and her proposed budget cuts to parks and recreation, city tree planting and trash pickup, make it obvious that her priorities are not geared toward a Cleaner, Greener Baltimore.

In a post by Tim Wheeler at B’More Green today, Wheeler writes, “City budget cuts may mean dirtier streams, harbor“.

From the article:
In today’s Baltimore Sun, City Hall reporter Julie Scharper quotes Public Works Director David E. Scott saying that under the pared-down preliminary budget recently presented by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, his department would stop maintaining nets and booms across local streams that keep trash out of the harbor. The department also would have to cut back on the frequency with which it cleans out storm drains, sweeps streets and picks up bulk trash, he said.

As many know by now, the mayor has also proposed cuts to police and the fire department.  The curious thing about her proposal, is that she only offers two choices: cutting police, fire deparment and Baltimore’s sustainability programs OR increase taxes.  There are many other areas of the city where the mayor could apply a more broad and perhaps, less threatening tightening of the belt, but apparently they will be immune under her reign.

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