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Happy Earth Day Baltimore

Happy Earth Day Baltimore

In celebration of Earth Day, Baltidome would like to share with you some images of Yellow-crowned Night Herons, a group of which are currently nesting along the Jones Falls Trail in downtown Baltimore.

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron (Nyctanassa violacea) is a night-feeding heron, generally found in swamps along the coastline.  They tend to nest in groups and both male and female build their nests, incubate the eggs and feed their young.

According to the Atlas of the breeding birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron is “the rarest colonial nesting heron in Maryland. It is locally common in the lower part of the Chesapeake Bay and rare in the rest of the state”.  The surge in coastal development in the last century has forced the Yellow-crowned Night Herons into urban and residential areas and in close proximity to humans.  The existence of these birds in our city should be a reminder of how finite our natural resources truly are.

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Pretty sure I saw one of these on Saturday 5/1, standing on a rock in the Jones Falls near the streetcar museum.

Comment by mdmorn

Jeff-Yeah, sort of nice, especially since I know I have a lot of room for improvement stoJl.lacib-My splits are almost completely meaningless to anyone but myself, except for maybe a couple of Boulderites with extreme knowledge of the route: 6:20 is the Saddle Rock trail junction, 12:10 the 2nd Flatiron trail junction, 14:40 a random tree that I've picked out in an overlook-type area, 18:20 the Greenman trail junction, 22:00 a cedar tree just after the talus switchback, and 28:55 the rail fence/top of the log stairs just before the start of the final switchbacks. So, just my own checkpoints along the way.

Comment by Janese

Your bedroom is VERY boudoirish! I would kill for a bed like that!I love your dressing table and everything on top of it!Adore the Spanish dancer picture above your fireplace!Ooo how exciting! I remember helping mum out at the bootsale a couple times when I was younger, I was sad to see other children buying my videos and toys that I no longer played with! Haha!Can you take a picture of your stall for us.. I'd love to see how you set it up! xxx

Comment by autofinanzierung

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