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Would Baltimore’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward

Would Baltimore’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward

The first six months under the leadership of unelected Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been ulcer forming for some.  It is indeed stunning how seemingly comfortable Rawlings-Blake is making very controversial decisions in lieu of her path to power.  For environmentalists and many of those who appreciate that which makes Charm City different from all the rest, it has been difficult to find the positives in our new city leader.

Some nauseating decisions:

-The condemning of the plastic bag tax, but then the proposal of the bottle tax.
-Cuts to Parks and Recreation and City Tree Planting
-Slashing of the Spring HAZMAT collection.
-Proposed ending of bulk trash pickup.
-Doubling of parking fees in “park and walk” neighborhoods such as Federal Hill and Fells Point.
-Report that Rawlings-Blake was hobnobbing with “Walmart honchos” in Las Vegas last weekend.

When will it end…

Could the next Baltimore Mayoral candidates please step forward so the sustainably-minded can have something to get excited about?

How does BALTIDOME suggest we reduce the city’s deficit?

For starters -Impose the plastic bag tax, put speed cameras on I-83 in the city, fine litterers and ticket drivers who do not follow the three foot rule for cyclists.

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Otis Rolley is running

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