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Herring Run Watershed Is Asking You To Disconnect

Herring Run Watershed Is Asking You To Disconnect

-From your downspout that is!

From the Herring Run Watershed Association:

Disconnected Yet?

Roughly 35,000 gallons of water drains from the average-sized Baltimore roof annually, most which then runs across our driveways and streets where it picks up pollutants, sediment and trash. This contaminated water then enters the storm drain system where it flows untreated to Herring Run and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

Why not put the water to better use and help our streams?
That’s where downspout disconnection comes in. The Herring Run Watershed Association, in partnership with the Jones Falls Watershed Association, will redirect your downspouts into your yard or garden for FREE!

We can redirect the downspout, build a rain barrel or install a rain garden. Call today to register for this great new program! Contact Dana at  410-746-4170 or visit the HRWA website to learn more and request an appointment.

Downspout Disconnection Program
Program Goals:

We secured a three year and grant and hope to accomplish the following by autumn of 2012.  We need lots of residential participation to meet our goals, so register to participate today! Below are a few of our goals:

  • Disconnect 4,000 downspouts
  • Install 400 rain barrels
  • Install 28 rain gardens

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I think this is a great initiative. All that contaminated rainwater is bad news to the lakes and waterways. It’s an innovative solution and I hope this takes off. I remember reading about a Japanese city solving their own untreated rainwater problem by building a huge underground reservoir right in the middle of the city. If the Disconnection program works on a large scale, I’m sure there will be no need for such a massive project in Baltimore.

Comment by Dan @ BWI Parking

Thanks for sharing such a informative information with us,But In some cases disconnecting the downspout will create a hazardous condition in the spring and fall due to the runoff freezing an causing ice patches. In other cases it is just not feasible. Homeowners can apply for an exemption here if disconnecting is not an option.

Comment by Gutter Force

Thanks for sharing such a informative information with us

Comment by Eavestrough Replacement

Good informeation good job

Comment by Eavestrough Cleaning

Clean eavestroughs and downspouts twice annually to keep them clear of leaves and debris. Installing leaf guards and filters will make this easier, but will add to the initial costs.
Replace downspouts, eavestroughs and crumpled pipes when needed to ensure clear flow.

Comment by Ice Dam Removal

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