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Celebrate Restoration Of Wyman Park Dry Stone Wall With The Masons

Celebrate Restoration Of Wyman Park Dry Stone Wall With The Masons

Celebrate New Dry Stone Wall

Thursday, August 26, 2010
From 5 – 7:30pm in Wyman Park
29th/Charles St/Art Museum Drive

The Friends of Wyman Park Dell invite you to a reception on Thursday, August 26 for the restoration of a 100 yr old dry stone wall in Wyman Park.  This is a wonderful example of green building in Baltimore and you can meet the stone masons who are restoring the stone wall.  Come to the reception, learn about their ancient craft, and see the progress to date.  Many of the dry stone masons were trained at the Dry Stone Conservancy in Lexington, Kentucky.

From the Baltimore Messenger:

The original retaining wall is 1,400 feet long and 2 to 3 feet high. It was made using a drystone process, also known as “dry-stack,” in which the stones are fitted together by hand so that water won’t collect in the wall and erode it.

But the wall, which dates to 1904, is showing its age.

“It’s been patched and repaired. It’s crumbling from tree roots,” said Sarah Fawcett-Lee, president of the group Friends of Wyman Park Dell.

That’s why a 10-member crew, led by a master mason from the Louisville, Ky.-based Dry Stone Conservancy, arrived earlier this month. They’re building a replacement wall by using Butler stone from Baltimore County.

The Dry Stone Conservancy’s mission is “to preserve historic drystone structures, to advance the drystone masonry craft, and to create a center for training and expertise nationwide”.

For the article about the dry stone wall in the Baltimore Messenger, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about dry stone walls at the Dry Stone Conservatory and its masons, CLICK HERE.

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