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Have A Green Idea? -Funding Here.
November 26, 2010, 7:42 am
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Have A Green Idea, But Need Funds?

Baltimore program offers grantseeker workshop.

If you have an idea for strengthening your neighborhood, then Baltimore Community Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants Program wants to see you on December 20!

On that day, the Baltimore Community Foundation will be hosting two grantseeker workshops for community organizations interested in tackling neighborhood improvement projects. Participation in one of the two workshops is mandatory for all Neighborhood Grants Program applicants.

Monday, December 20, 2010
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Baltimore Community Foundation
2 East Read Street, Baltimore

Come learn about BCF’s Neighborhood Grants Program, review the application process, and network with other residents interested in creating lasting change in their communities.

Interested in attending one of the workshops?
Please RSVP to Dion Cartwright by Thursday, December 16, via email.

Read more about BCF’s Neighborhood Grants Program. To see examples of past grants, CLICK HERE.


Real Food Farm Winter Market Schedule

Real Food Farm Winter Market Schedule

New Winter Market Schedule

Fridays, 4:30-5
Belair-Edison Health Center, 3120 Erdman Ave. just off Belair Rd.

Real Food Farm

-Is Civic Works’ innovative urban agricultural enterprise engaged in growing fresh produce on six acres of land in Clifton Park in northeast Baltimore. Real Food Farm works toward a just and sustainable food system by improving neighborhood access to healthy food, providing experience-based education, and developing an economically viable, environmentally responsible local agriculture sector.

For more information about Real Food Farm, CLICK HERE.

Green Roof Giveaway In Baltimore.

Green Roof Giveaway In Baltimore.

Cole Roofing Green Roof Giveaway!

Cole Roofing in Baltimore  is offering to install a green roof on an area non-profit – for FREE! One organization will receive a free vegetated or solar integrated roof, and one organization will receive a $5,000 donation from Cole Roofing.

Voting Period

November 16–December 17
32 organizations have made their cases and now it is time for the public to cast its vote on who is most deserving. Voting can be done through Facebook or registering at the Green Roof Giveaway site. After one month, voting will end and the winners will be chosen.

Everyone is allowed one vote per day.

Baltimore has many deserving non-profits listed on the Green Roof Giveaway.  Support your city non-profits by submitting your vote today!

For more information about the contest and to vote, CLICK HERE.

About Cole Roofing:
Family owned and operated since 1919, Cole Roofing has been providing quality commercial roofing, repair and maintenance—delivering building owners, property managers and tenants with technical industrial roofing expertise and superior customer service.


BikeFest And Free Movie Screening Saturday
November 16, 2010, 12:08 am
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BikeFest And Free Movie Screening Saturday, November 20th

BikeFest & Free FIlm Screening of Life Cycles
Saturday, November 20th, 2010 at 6pm
Brown Center, Maryland Institute College of Art

Join Baltimore Cycling clubs, shops, and other organizations at the reception before the screening of Life Cycles for raffles, giveaways, gold sprints, and more.

Newly opened shop Twenty20 Cycling in Hampden will operate a max-wattage contest and show off some of their product line.

Baltimore Bicycle Works, sponsor of MICA’s Bike Share program, will be on hand with product demos and will assist MICA’s SOS group with Bike Share registration and student safety demonstrations. Students registered for the bike share are eligible for a 15 percent discount at Baltimore Bicycle Works.

Goldsprints will be provided by Mobtown Velo. With prizes for the winners. Baltimore’s own Spoke Apparel will be on hand with shirts for sale as well as raffle items.

The Maryland Institute College of Art’s Cycling Association is proud to announce the exclusive Baltimore screening of Life Cycles. MICA’s Students of Sustainability will host a pre-screening reception.

Life Cycles tells a spectacular story of the bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. A visually stunning journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture. Life Cycles is a celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to entertain anyone who has ever ridden one.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

Debut Screening Of Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary, 11/17
November 14, 2010, 9:57 am
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Debut Screening Of Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary, October 17th

Film Screenings: BFED, the Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary and
Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming?
Wednesday, November 17th, 7pm
Falvey Hall, in the Brown Center at MICA
1301 W. Mount Royal Avenue

Two documentaries from the MICA/JHU Center for a Livable Future partnership will be screened: “BFED, the Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary” AND “Out To Pasture: The Future of Farming?”

Description of the Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary:
In Baltimore, a city where supermarkets are scarce and diet-related diseases are common, a group of artists set out to explore the city’s systems of food production and distribution. On a journey that takes them to community gardens, warehouses, a fish-farm and corner stores, the Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary team investigates why the dominant food system is falling short for so many of Baltimore’s residents, and finds hope for a brighter food future in unexpected corners of the city.

Baltimore Cat Invasion

Baltimore Cat Invasion -What To Do With A Stray Cat

Found in a Baltimore alley, "Whitney" now has a home.

City cat caretakers know better than anyone that stray cats are in an overabundance in recent years.  Many blame the economy, which may be forcing some to choose between daily necessities and their pets. Pet adoption has gone down, pet surrender has gone up and contributions to shelters are slipping. Others blame global warming in extending the cat breeding season and skyrocketing populations*.

Whatever the reason for the recent feline invasion, while stray cats are considered merely a nuisance to the general population, they are considered a threat to the environment by scientists.

National Geographic reports that large numbers of stray cats “concerns wildlife and ornithology organizations that believe these stealthy predators decimate bird populations and threaten public health.”

From National Geographic:

Ron Jurek, a wildlife biologist for the California Department of Fish and Game, has kept a close eye on the impact feral and free-roaming domestic cats have on native species, like the California least tern, a federal endangered bird that nests along the coast.

“Cats do kill wildlife to a significant degree, which is not a popular notion with a lot of people,” he said.

In urban areas, he said, there are hundreds of cats per square mile (1.6 square kilometers)—more cats than nature can support.

-But what can you do? Nobody wants to be one of those people.  You know, the “crazy” multi-pet barnyard house smelling people whose pets have better dishware than they do.

However, now is the time to consider sacrificing popular opinion and doing your part for a homeless cat and your community this winter and take a stray in.  -And while being stray-harboring do-gooder does require some consideration, it doesn’t have to be a forever life altering event either.  For suggestions on taking in stray cats, temporarily or permanently CLICK HERE.

Many people will not take on another animal because they worry how their current pet will respond.  Don’t assume that pets who don’t immediately get along will never get along.  The larger cat in the picture above above seemed to hate Whitney, the new kitten, when they first saw one another, but through careful integration, they now sleep side by side.

To get cats used to one another, keep them separated for several days and allow them to become familiar with one another through smell.  Left them sniff each other through cracks in door in short intervals at first, getting longer each time.  In addition, pet each unacquainted animal with a sock and then exchange it with the other.

Also, a new pet doesn’t have to break the bank.  To save money on pet care, consider making your own pet food.  You can make the food in bulk and then freeze it in portions.  It will cut down on your pet care budget and container waste.

Homemade cat food recipe:
2 cups of cooked chicken, turkey or lamb meat (for sensitive cats)
1 cup of cooked brown rice
1 cubed cooked sweet potato

Place items in blender and serve.  For variety, add broccoli, carrots, or peas to the blend.

*Source- LiveScience: Cat Invasion Due To Global Warming