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Constellation Energy Given OK To Dump Coal Ash In Baltimore City
January 5, 2011, 9:19 am
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Constellation Energy Given OK To Dump Coal Ash In Baltimore City

From Tim Wheeler at the Baltimore Sun (excerpts) :

After more than a year of deliberation, the Maryland Department of the Environment authorized the disposal of up to 650,000 tons of ash in a specially prepared section of a chemical company landfill at Hawkins Point. Robert M. Summers, the agency’s acting secretary, said in a statement that two-year-old regulations for new ash landfills should prevent any harm to public health or the environment.

The ash landfill, to be operated by Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, is the first new disposal site for power plant waste to be approved in the state since 2007. That’s when officials discovered that some Gambrills residents’ wells had been contaminated with toxic chemicals from ash that Constellation Energy had been dumping in old quarries in the area. The company paid a $1 million fine to the state and reached a $54 million out-of-court settlement with residents.

Constellation Energy plans to dispose of 200,000 tons of ash on the 65-acre Hawkins Point tract from its three Baltimore area coal-burning power plants.

Activists have called on the EPA to declare coal ash a hazardous waste because it can contain toxic metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury. The EPA has yet to complete its review, though, and recently announced it would take more time.

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We are a consulting team of Italians and Americans that have a bio source system that will take fly ash and turn it into methanol. We have a system that utilizes any bio source and heats it at temps of 850 C and as high as 950 C or 1742 F. vaporizing it from Co2 to Methanol.

We helped the Serbs develop their own electricity, fuel and produced no carbon emissions while producing another bio source, methanol that was used for vehicles, heat, cooking and bio diesel. All the while emitting only O2 and not any carbon emissions! We used Peat from the Kosovo region to fuel the system. This was in 2003 and we have another plant in Italy we use exhaust fumes to do the same and are building one in Brindisi, Italy to burn the mash from an olive oil factory including the pit, and the carcass of the olive. Paul Smith college has asked us to build a facility in upstate NY as a chipper to burn wood debris and lawn waste. Saudi Arabia has given us a large contract to burn petroleum waste and turn it to Methanol.

Our system produces three renewable sources to wholesale to the distributors, they are electricity, O2, and methanol. Plus, we are able to eliminate your fly ash! This is a perfect ROI. If interested, please contact us at the above email address. We are a consulting team that is working with another power generation company and their dump site.


Scott W. Wesley
National Sales Director
MP Bio Mass

Comment by Scott Wesley

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