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More Than 50 Cyclists And Dozens Others Show Up For Nathan’s Ride

More Than 50 Cyclists And Dozens More Supporters Show Up For Nathan’s Ride

Over 50 cyclists and dozens more supporters showed up for the “Support Ride for Nathan” on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at The Broadview apartments in Baltimore, the location of the accident where Nathan was injured in February.  Among the riders were Nathan’s brother, sister and father, who purchased bicycles just days before the ride.

Others at the meetup included friends of Nathan, representatives from Baltimore area cycling groups, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clark, Baltimore Bike Planner Nate Evans and many more concerned citizens.

Penny Troutner, a member of Biking in B’More, the group who organized the event, spoke to the crowd regarding her inspiration for the ride, but her words were muffled by the thumping of a news chopper overhead that was filming the scene.  Nathan’s father, Mitchell Krasnopoler, followed Penny and updated the attendees on Nathan’s condition, which is still critical weeks after the accident. He also offered his thanks to supporters.
(A link to Mitchell Krasnopoler’s speech can be found here.)

Nathan's Father Addresses Cyclists

The riders departed from the Broadview Apartments on University Parkway shortly after 6 pm, rode through Baltimore City and to Johns Hopkins Hospital where Nathan is currently hospitalized.

Nathan Krasnopoler collided with a car making a right hand turn on Saturday, February 26th, 2011.  He was riding his bike in a marked bike lane on West University Parkway when he was struck by a vehicle.  Nathan became trapped under the car during the accident and was without oxygen for a substantial period of time.  He remains in a coma at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Nathan is a second-year Johns Hopkins University student.  His father is updating his condition @facebook.

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