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Save Baltimore Trees From The Grand Prix
August 4, 2011, 9:22 am
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Trees Before Grand Prix

Baltidome has received this plea…

The Baltimore Grand Prix is seeking to clear cut as many as 136 mature trees and replace them with 139 “new” portable trees in planters.

We’re seeking an injunction to stop this and believe it is in
violation of Article 7 of the Code of Baltimore City.

Please sign this petition. Monday multiple 40 year-old trees were
cut down and we need to act now to protect against further irreparable damage. Think about the air quality when those races zoom through downtown.

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I, too, cannot believe they are cutting down mature trees for a ..what…a CAR RACE! I would hope everyone would boycott this race, and our mayor deserves blame for allowing this travesty to occur.

Comment by Elaine

WHAT? This is ridiculous! I’m fine with the race, but part of the appeal of a Grand Prix is to watch the cars maneuver in a natural setting…trees and all! Baltimore, please leave the precious city trees alone!

Comment by Krista

This is so emblematic of the simple mindedness of our City governance. From the Mayor on down, everyone thinks of immediate gratification and can think nothing of the future. Basic elemental needs are all they have the ability to understand.

Comment by laura

Bringing a major sporting event to Baltimore is progress. Focus your energy on holding the City to it’s pledge to replant and rebuild.

Crossing your arms and demanding the status quo is a waste of your time.

Comment by Robert Villa

It boils down to “Green”, and i’m not talking leaves.
How sad, when we can butcher trees that have been
in Baltimore, longer than some of us have.
$$$$$$$$ is all that matters!!!

Comment by noreenfreebairn

I hope you get butchered by fling debris. Hillbilly.

Comment by Robert Villa

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