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Save Baltimore’s Rec. Centers -Act Now!
November 1, 2011, 9:05 am
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Save Baltimore’s Rec. Centers -Act Now!

From the Baltidome inbox:

Rally For Rec Centers
Wed, November 2nd at 4pm
In front of City Hall

The Baltimore City Council is holding a hearing regarding Recreation Center privatization and potential closures of Recreation Centers across the City, on Wednesday November 2nd at 5pm at City Hall.

Centers across the city and their supporters will be gathering outside of City Hall at 4pm to demonstrate to the public our desire to keep centers open and funded across the city. Bring your signs, your t-shirts, and your enthusiasm to keep our centers open!

Citizens can sign up to testify at the hearing. To attend the hearing, which will be inside City Hall, you MUST have a valid Picture I.D.  Children are typically not permitted inside City Hall.  We do not know if exceptions will be made for this hearing, though children are welcome to gather with us outside City Hall beginning at 4pm to show their support.

*Image courtesy of the Mobtown Shank.

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Baltimore’s Mayor obviously talk’s the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. How can parent’s work with peace of mind AT AN ECONOMICAL FEE and know their children are being cared for by qualified caretakers? These recreation centers are the nucleus of working parents. At the rate of hourly pay most single mother’s are earning to go elsewhere would be financially impossible. That, and the cost of food, rent/mortgage, utilities, gas, car payment/bus fare, (to begin the listing of responsibilities), ALL OF WHICH HAVE HAD HUGE INCREASES IN THIS STATE, leaves working single parents AND 2 parent homes economically strapped and constantly “robbing Paul to pay Peter” and never catching up. This move on this cities part will also have a direct affect on more foreclosures/evictions, juvenile crime/dropout, unemployment, undue stress on the family arrangements, loss in taxes for this state, exodus of citizens, just to name a few of the catastrophic occurences this action will create.

It is time the government of this state realizes where it’s future lies. While it’s citizens are completely aware of the effect the present economy and financial overload politicians have created for all states, and the per capita a small state such as ours receive from our Federal government, to place another burden on the only other resource our state has, namely it’s citizens, by this action will have devastating effects on the entire population.

Comment by Shirley Springfield

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