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Fracking or Wind?: A Citizens’ Forum in Baltimore
March 1, 2012, 5:16 am
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Fracking or Wind?: A Citizens’ Forum in Baltimore

Citizens Forum In Baltimore
Thursday, March 8th, 2012
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Knott Science Center
Notre Dame College of Maryland
4701 N. Charles Street, Baltimore

From Chesapeake Climate Action Network:

Never before have the stakes been so high for Maryland and Baltimore when it comes to clean-versus-harmful energy. Is our General Assembly, meeting now in Annapolis, going to make us a national leader in offshore wind power? Are they going to heed appeals to delay and perhaps ban forever the harmful practice of natural gas fracking in Maryland?

Please attend an emergency citizens forum in Baltimore on Thursday night March 8th at 7:30 pm to learn more firsthand.

To learn more and register for this event, CLICK HERE.

Wind Power Forum

Wind Power For Maryland

Town Hall Forum: Maryland Offshore Wind Power 

Wind Power Forum
Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, 7-9pm
St. Mark’s Church
1900 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD

Contact: Keith Harrington,

From Chesapeake Climate Action Network:

On behalf of the Marylanders for Offshore Wind Coalition, we would like to invite you to join Baltimore City’s constituents and an array of local organizations and businesses for a town hall forum on Maryland offshore wind power. With offshore wind, we have a great opportunity to create jobs, improve health and stabilize electricity prices for many years to come. Offshore wind energy can be a reality right here in Maryland, but first we need to pass legislation that sets the stage for private industry to start building. And that’s why we’re holding this town hall in Senator Pugh’s District.

The forum will focus on educating Baltimore City constituents about the legislative initiative to promote the construction of an offshore wind farm off the coast of Maryland. To address the many issues connected to the proposal, from public health and the environment, to jobs and economic impacts we are assembling an array of expert speakers to participate in a discussion panel.

To learn more about Chesapeake Climate Action Network and the forum, CLICK HERE.

Today Is A Good Day To Switch To Windpower, Do It With The Click Of A Mouse

Today Is A Good Day To Switch To Windpower

Did you know you can switch to windpower with the click of a mouse?

Many people are unaware that they have an energy choice in Baltimore through their regular supplier, BGE. With the click of a mouse you can select a wind power plan comparable to standard energy rates in just minutes.

At a time when new streams are releasing stories of nuclear leaks, fracking wastewater, shale gas waste, mountaintop removal, dangerous coal dust deposits and more, if you haven’t already made the switch to windpower -shouldn’t you?

Baltidome used Clean Currents to switch wind power four years ago, and couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of the switch.

For those of you who have never made the energy switch before, fear not.  It takes a short amount of time and your new energy supplier will handle all of the necessary changes.  When you switch to a wind energy source, your bill will still come from BGE, as they are still your energy provider, but the company that sources the energy will be different and listed as such on your bill.  There will be no interruption in your service and the change is otherwise seamless.

You have an energy choice, so use it!

For customer testimonials on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

Why Is Baltimore Responsible For Mountaintop Removal

Do Something About Mountaintop Removal, With The Click Of A Mouse

In their 2003 Annual Report, Baltimore-based Constellation Energy states,  “The primary source of coal we use is produced from mines located in central and northern Appalachia.” So, if you are a BGE (Constellation’s Maryland Utility) customer and you have never made changes to your BGE plan, YOU are responsible for mountaintop removal.

Here is something you can do right now from your computer to make a difference:

Switch your BGE electricity supply source to wind power. You may be unaware that you have an energy choice in Baltimore. Switching to a wind energy source is as easy as the click of the mouse.  When you switch to a wind energy source, your bill will still come from BGE, as they are still your energy provider, but the company that produces the energy will be different and listed as such on your bill.  There will be no interruption in your service and the change is otherwise seamless.  Currently wind power is cheaper than your regular BGE rate, so you will save money too.  CLICK HERE to make the switch.

Make a difference in just a few minutes and then please pass this on.

Why Should Baltimore Care About A New Nuclear Reactor At Calvert Cliffs

Why Should Baltimore Care About A New Nuclear Reactor At Calvert Cliffs


If Constellation Energy has its way, the two nuclear reactors currently at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Station in Maryland will soon be joined by a third.  So why should Baltimore residents care?

Here are a few points of interest:

1.    Maryland will forever be known as a state who instigated the “Nuclear Renaissance” (No new nuclear reactor has been built in the 30yrs since the 3-mile island nuclear melt down).

2.    There is currently no place to dispose of the waste.  Remember those plans to take nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain?  Well, those plans were created under the assumption that nuclear plants would eventually shut down and there would be a limit to the waste.  Now that energy companies hope to push nuclear as a “green” energy option, get federal funding and built more reactors, Yucca Mountain folks said NO WAY and the plans were scrapped.  Currently Calvert Cliffs has more than 900 tons of nuclear waste stored at the site.  So where will the waste go now?  Anyone?  Anyone?

3.    National Security.  There is no (public) evidence to suggest that Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant is a specific target. However, it should be noted that, according to a May 2009 article in the Washington Post, in recent security exercises (required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005), “At least five bullets escaped the firing range and traveled more than a half-mile before striking buildings and a vehicle near the reactors, according to the NRC, Constellation and the sheriff’s office.”  In other words, somebody shot the wrong way –toward the reactors.  Accidents happen, which is why you have exercises, but come on, you should at least know to shoot away from the giant radioactive object.  Now, do you feel confident that we are prepared?

4.    Cost.  Who’s paying for it?  According to an article this week in the Christian Science Monitor, “No nuclear plants in the US are under construction yet because they haven’t secured federal licenses or loan guarantees, many observers say. Such guarantees would become a huge stimulus for the nuclear power industry, enabling utilities to borrow billions from Wall Street or the federal finance bank.”  Yep, that’s right, if Constellation Energy starts to get going on the project, it will be because of money donated by you and me.

What can you do?

Contact Governor Martin O’Malley and voice your concern.  According to his site “We’d like to hear from you.”  So, go ahead and send him an email –CLICK HERE.

Switch to wind power.  Hit ‘em where it hurts!  You can do it with the click of a mouse and, by choosing “Clean Currents” as your new energy supplier, you will actually save money.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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