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How To Have Fun With A Used Toilet
August 25, 2012, 11:42 am
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How to have fun with a used toilet… Hampdenfest, Toilet Race Competition

To learn more and to join the Toilet Races, CLICK HERE.

Toilet Races on Facebook, CLICK HERE.


Why Go To The Baltimore Antique Show?

Why Go To The Baltimore Antique Show?


Baltimore Summer Antique Show
August 23 – 26, 2012
Baltimore Convention Center
Downtown at the Inner Harbor

Dates: August 23 – 26, 2012
Thursday Aug. 23 12 – 8 pm
Friday Aug. 24 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday Aug. 25 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday Aug. 26 11 am – 6 pm
Admission: $15.00 Good through the run of the show.

Yes, the goods are expensive. So why go?

If for no other reason, the $15 admission is worth it to see how things were made before we embraced disposable merchandise.  There was once life before plastic and a petroleum-based world.  Things were made from natural materials and built to last so that we wouldn’t have to keep taking and taking from the planet. Goods were made with craft and care and passed from one person to the next and not just thrown in the dumpster when we grew tired of them.

Support a reuse economy.

Despite the $20,000 chest of drawers and $2,000 teapots they may sell, most antique dealers are not part of the %1.  Most are small business owners who spend a lot of effort tracking down quality items to sell.  They provide jobs for locals who run their shops, pack and deliver their merchandise, do their accounting and taxes, create their advertising and websites and so on.  Supporting folks who sell used goods is supporting a sustainable economy.

Can’t afford anything? -Grab a drink.

In the past, the Baltimore Summer Antique Show has had a few bars throughout the venue.  Take a date, grab a beverage and peruse the goods.  Can’t afford a piece of furniture? -Check out some of the booksellers for books on antique furniture.  Learn how to buy quality pieces and work your way up.

I want to buy something.  Is it real?

Ok, so maybe you are someone who has the resources to buy something, but you know nothing about antiques.  Should you be wary of getting swindled?  The Baltimore Antique Show is a vetted show.  The dealers have been carefully selected by experienced professionals in the field who recognize their quality merchandise. That being said, even high-end dealers make mistakes.  Make sure the dealer will refund your purchase if it is not what they claim it to be and do your homework.

Good luck and enjoy the show!

The Baltimore Summer Antique Show at the Baltimore Convention Center is the area’s largest antique show.  In recent years, the show has grown to over 500 dealers.  Despite the many high priced items, there is often something for everyone -with items ranging from reasonable to extravagant.  Dealers come from all over, but you’ll find many locals here too.

The only act of shopping that could truly be considered environmentally friendly is buying merchandise that already exists, such as antiques, vintage fashion and used and traded goods. Buying from your local antique dealer not only protects the environment, but it also supports small business and creates jobs.  For more information about the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, CLICK HERE.

A Social Mixer For A Greener Baltimore
August 17, 2012, 11:51 am
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Network Green
A Social Mixer For A Greener Baltimore

Network Green
A Social Mixer For A Greener Baltimore
Aug. 30th 6-9PM
The Dogwood
911 W. 36th Street


You love Smalltimore. You love its big-city grit and glamour with its small-town connections. And because you love it, you want to help make it more sustainable. But where do you start in between your job and classes and waiting for the Circulator?

By learning and sharing.
Come mix with like-minded Baltimoreans at NetworkGreen, a networking series hosted by Civic Works’ Green Projects! All are welcome – from careerist sustainability movers and shakers to students wondering how to pronounce seitan. (We’ll teach you.)

Proudly featuring a selection of local and organic drinks
21 and older. $5-$20 Donation encouraged

For more info, CLICK HERE.

Bob Moore Memorial/Moonlight Madness Ride
August 13, 2012, 10:07 pm
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Bob Moore Memorial/Moonlight Madness Ride

The Bob Moore Memorial/Moonlight Madness Ride will be celebrated this year on Friday, August 31st at 7pm.  Partnering with the Baltimore Bike Party, this leisure 10 mile group ride will start from the west side of the Washington Monument (Charles & Monument St) and tour Baltimore under a full moon.

From Baltimore Bike Party:

Baltimore Bike Party’s August ride!!!
We will be combining forces with the annual Bob Moore Memorial Moonlit Madness bike ride this month! Still meeting at the monument, still blasting tunes, still having fun, but hopefully double the people! 400? 500??? we have the cycling numbers in the city to do it!

UPDATE: through the lovely support and cooperation of Recreation and Parks, we have secured a reservation to finish in Wyman Park Dell this month! so what does that mean?
a) we can gaze upon the blue moon!
b) we can play outside in the wonderful night air!
c) there will be music DJ’d by our own Ro Demen
d) we are working hard on getting a food truck or two down there for some grub
e) this month is BYOB. providing/selling booze gets expensive quickly in groups this size and if we do it we do it right! so that means you gotta haul what you want to drink, OR we will be finishing the ride by passing through Hampden, Remington, and Charles Village, so there are plenty of places near the end where you can peel off and get what you need to meet us in the Dell!
f) bathroom available
g) Adrian doesn’t have to put a shirt on aaaaaall night.

Say you are going on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

Here’s the route map:

Baltimore Canoe N’ Scoop Shoreline Clean Up
August 7, 2012, 2:33 pm
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Canoe N’ Scoop Shoreline Clean Up

From Baltimore Parks & People:

September 15, 2012 — 9:00am – 12:00pm

Location: 3300 Waterview Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230; south of the Hanover Street bridge

Help keep Baltimore’s waters beautiful! Parks & People and Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks will be launching canoes from the Baltimore Rowing Club to clean the shoreline in Middle Branch Park.

You can volunteer on the water (life jackets provided) or land! Please dress to get wet and dirty, bring a refillable water bottle and wear sunblock! 

Space is limited. To reserve your spot in a canoe or for more information, please email Val Shane or call her at (410) 448-5663 x111. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Help Baltimore’s Best Community Vegetable Garden
August 1, 2012, 2:51 pm
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Help Baltimore’s Best Community Vegetable Garden

First there was a junk filled lot.  Then there was a community garden.  Then there were fruit trees, bees, chickens, and shrimp tanks -oh my! 

If you haven’t taken a tour of the Baltimore Free Farm yet, you are missing out.  The BFF is a realized vision for what farming an empty lot can do for a community.  It is also an education in sustainable living.  This week, Baltimore Free Farm was awarded Best Community Vegetable Garden by the Baltimore City Master Gardener’s Program.  In addition to being a great example of urban farming, BFF also hosts both fun and educational events, and, starting today, will be handing out free vegetables donated to them by a local food distributor (Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for dates and times). 

But that’s not all…

Now the folks at Baltimore Free Farm want to do even more.  -But they need your help for projects in the works such as: mushroom farming, rainwater collection, alternative energy and community composting, among other things.

Give what you can. 

Visit to a make contribution.  Then visit the Baltimore Free Farm to see your contribution in action!