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Alternative Healing For Pets Seminar

Alternative Healing For Pets Seminar

Introduction to Alternative Healing for Animals
Seminar Location: Beathe Books
Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 6 – 8pm
810 W 36th Street

About The Seminar:

Animals are thinking, loving, emotional beings who want to be our partners in life. Often, we humans are in the position to make critical decisions about the health, life or death of our animal companions – are we making the right decisions? What if you could ask your pet what ails them? When your pet is ill or injured, what if you could assist the healing process through complementary alternative care?

If you are interested in learning more about holistic and alternative care for your pets, come to this workshop and learn directly from professional animal practitioners:

· Dr. Johnny Slaughter, DVM, ‘One Medicine’ Veterinary Practitioner
· Kathleen Lester, Reiki Master Teacher
· Barbara Kandel, Animal Acupuncturist
· Terri Diener, Animal Communicator

Cost: $15. Please call 410-235-7323 to register for this seminar.

To learn more about Breathe Books and their events, CLICK HERE.