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JHU Student Government Considers Bike Share Program

JHU Student Government Considers Bike Share Program

Bike Share at the University of California Irvine

A recent article in the Johns Hopkins Newsletter reports that the college Student Government Association is considering a bike sharing program for students.  From the article:

At the Tuesday evening meeting of the SGA, the Senate reviewed a proposal to start a bike-share program that would allow students on campus to rent a bike for a short period. It would potentially begin as soon as next March.

“It’s based on University of Chicago’s bike-library system,” senior class senator Max Dworin, one of the sponsors, said. The University of Chicago has a computerized system, and Dworin said, “we’d ultimately like to see a modern-automated system.”

To learn more about computerized bike sharing programs, check out the B-Cycle video below to learn more.