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Small Business Practice At Its Finest; Bumper Globe Challenges What Kind Of Trade We Associate With Green Business.


Auto repair and green business are two enterprises that are not often associated with one another.  It is especially for this reason, that Bumper Globe Collision Centre, a Baltimore auto repair shop located in Federal Hill, receives the latest Baltidome Green Business Award.  Places that sell food, clothing and household goods are where we typically look for environmentally friendly options, but Bumper Globe encourages us to think beyond that.

First, the owner of Bumper Globe began by renovating a 100-year-old former Pabst Brewery building into a state of the art facility largely with recycled materials.  About half of the materials used were purchased from local salvage stores, craigslist & ebay (for a link to area salvage warehouses, CLICK HERE). Next, special attention was paid to the shop’s wastewater drainage pit by the inclusion of a special interceptor that prevents oil & brake dust from entering our sewer system and the bay.  Owner Kary Kuo explains that the city does not permit such wastewater to enter street drains, but that many people are not even aware of the restriction.  In addition to the special attention paid to upgrade the building, Bumper Globe practices hazardous materials recycling and reuses their solvent.

Bumper Globe is also in the midst of an arduous process of upgrading their equipment to adopt an eco-friendly waterborne refinishing practice. This offers clients a low (or no) VOC paint option. “We hope to complete the transition to all-waterborne product in about a year from now,” Kuo states.  Although the process is expensive and time consuming, Kuo recognizes the positive benefits of a healthier working environment.

In addition to promising to “restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition”, Bumper Globe also offers windshield and glass replacement, hand car washing and detailing.  For local reviews of Bumper Globe, CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in starting a green business or transforming your current business, check out this government site for assistance: