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Code Red – Blogging Down
July 22, 2010, 11:05 pm
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Code Red – Blogging Down

From the Baltimore City Health Department:

July 22 2010.
Because of predicted high temperatures and potential danger according to the Baltimore Heat Watch Warning System, Interim Health Commissioner Olivia D. Farrow is declaring Friday, July 23rd, and Saturday, July 24th, Code Red Heat Alert days.

In observance of the upcoming Code Red days in Baltimore, Baltidome will again cease to blog for the next few days in an effort to do its part to reduce energy use.

The extra energy that folks use on code red days to cool houses, offices, etc. causes immense strain on our power grid and the environment and can negatively harm others.  Power outages, as a result of grid strain, ironically often effects those using the least amount of power.  It is not the HAVES, but the HAVE NOTS, who do not have cars, air conditioners or other means to escape the heat that suffer the greatest in blackouts.

Live Green Below Your Means

CNN reports that the richest 20 percent of people consume 86 percent of everything that is sold for private consumption. The poorest 20 percent consume 1 percent of it.

So, please consider doing your part.  Turn down the thermostat or turn OFF your AC and go to a neighborhood cool spot, don’t mow your grass and unplug your ipods and appliances.  CLICK HERE to learn how a fellow Blogger at Baltimore DIY Squad was inspired to downgrade her fridge during Baltimore’s recent hottest days to create a more efficient home.