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Baltimore Citypaper Steers Clear Of The Nuclear Debate

NO Nukes

A Baltimore Citypaper reader recently submit a letter to the editor regarding the lack of coverage of the deal between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France and their efforts for a new nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs.  Well Max, Baltidome hears you and wants to help you spread the word.

From the Baltimore Citypaper:

The Mail, No Nukes
Posted 11/18/2009

I went through the latest issue of City Paper looking for news of the Public Service Commission’s approval of the merger between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France. But there was none. This is a major news story, as the PSC members lacked the courage to reject a deal which will result in the building of a third nuclear reactor in Maryland.

Nuclear energy is a failed and dangerous way to produce electricity. It is a byproduct of the nuclear-weapons industry, and cannot exist without the government propping it up with favorable legislation and subsidies. Instead of the PSC telling Constellation Energy to get busy on renewable energy, it sold out the financial future of the citizens in Maryland.

The taxpayers and ratepayers cannot afford nuclear energy. Whatever reactor-cost figure is used, anywhere from $10 to $15 billion, it will be wrong, as cost overruns are a guarantee. Also guaranteed are higher rates. Many people in Baltimore, which has the highest poverty rate in the state, cannot afford current rates. How will they pay their bills when the cost of this reactor is expected to triple the rates?

People will have to make choices between paying the utility bill and buying food. Or medicine. Or paying the rent. Deregulation means never saying sorry for taking more and more money from the people. City Paper should cover this travesty.

Max Obuszewski