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Checking In With Baltimore’s Newly Appointed Food Czar
February 10, 2011, 7:29 am
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Checking In With Baltimore’s Newly Appointed Food Czar

A recent article from the Christian Science Monitor highlights the efforts of newly appointed Baltimore food czar, Holly Freishtat.

From the Christian Science Monitor (excerpts):

In Baltimore, Holly Freishtat came on board as food-policy director last April.

“There’s no department of food,” she says, explaining that her position fills a void in city government. “Whether it’s a transportation or public-health or planning issue, it’s really looking at a systemwide approach to food access.”

One idea that Baltimore is pioneering is “virtual supermarkets.” On a cold and sunny day last month, Ms. Freishtat visited such a project at the Orleans Street branch of the public library. There, an official from the city’s Health Department helped an unemployed mother of two order groceries online from Santoni’s Super Market, a longtime Baltimore grocer.

The day after customers place their orders, Santoni’s delivers the products to the library and swipes their EBT, or electronic benefit transfer, cards (which is an updated food-stamp system).

Three miles north of the library, Freishtat made a second stop: at Real Food Farm, which she sees as a model for urban agriculture. During the winter, the farm is using greenhouses to grow carrots, kale, and other vegetables. The six-acre site, which also includes a fruit orchard and fields for crops like squash, is run by a local nonprofit and supplies restaurants, a hospital, and neighborhood markets.

Freishtat has identified 35 city-owned acres suitable for similar projects. She plans to begin the leasing process this month with farmers and farm groups.

For the full article at the Christian Science Monitor, CLICK HERE.

Greening Of Baltimore Featured On

Greening Of Baltimore Featured On

There is a great article out today on, a CBS site dedicated to people who realize the need to make our world a better place to live, that features Baltimore and its effort to create sustainable transportation, energy, building, and food.

From SmartPlanet:

If Baltimore’s planning director has his way, the city’s east and west sides–known for blocks of abandoned and boarded up buildings–will be getting light rail and produce stands. Yes, produce stands.

Tom Stosur, director of the Baltimore City Department of Planning, has worked in Charm City planning roles for more than two decades. Today, he is counting on a new light rail line, new zoning codes and a new food czar to help transform the blighted sections infamously portrayed in HBO’s The Wire. Stosur talked to me Friday about the new Baltimore.

For the full article, CLICK HERE.