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Baltimore Adopt A Lot Program

Baltimore Adopt A Lot Program

It is cold and dreary outside, but in just a few months it won’t be, so now’s the perfect time to start planning your garden.  Don’t have a front or back yard? -No problem, with Baltimore’s Adopt A Lot program you can have your very own green space too!

The Adopt A Lot program helps Baltimore residents identify empty lots and transform them into a community oasis.  The website of Baltimore Green Space, a land trust for community-managed open spaces, is a great place to start for residents interested in gathering information about adopting a city green space.  Baltimore Green Space, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2007 by a group of community gardeners who wanted to see their communities’ treasured open spaces remain available to residents.

Another good source of info is the city’s Turn A Vacant Lot Into A Garden guide.  You can download a PDF version of the guide: CLICK HERE.


Make Sure Baltimore’s Community Gardens Aren’t Sold By Mistake
December 6, 2010, 9:58 pm
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Make Sure Baltimore’s Community Gardens Aren’t Sold By Mistake

Duncan Street Miracle Garden, protected since 2010. Photo Courtesy of Baltimore Green Space

On Saturday, December 11th, Baltimore Green Space is sending twenty 2-person teams to explore Baltimore and use their smart phones to create a map of vacant lots that have been turned into community green spaces: gardens, pocket parks, horseshoe pits, and they need your help.

Baltimore Green Space Mapping Project
Saturday, Dec 11, 9am-12pm
Start location: Cork Gallery
302 E Federal St, at Guilford Ave
Please sign up!

Can you spare 3 hours on Saturday morning to make sure community gardens aren’t sold by mistake?

Baltimore City is streamlining is sales process for land and buildings. This is good!

But there’s a challenge:
– Hundreds of vacant lots are now gardens, pocket parks, etc., improving livability and property values! Yeah!
– The City doesn’t want to lose these green spaces. Yeah!
– With 13,000 vacant lots, the City doesn’t know which lots are “green”. Uh oh. 

The City needs our help to make sure it doesn’t accidentally sell off its green lots!

Teams of people (that’s you and me!) organized by Baltimore Green Space will:
– meet for orientation
– photograph clustered lots around the City
– return for debrief and hot cocoa

Your Smartphone will geo-code the photo (we’ll show you how) so the City knows EXACTLY where the lot is and EXACTLY what it looks like. We already have plenty of people with smartphones and cars, and we need some additional volunteers to ride along and navigate.

The day will be covered by The Urbanite and The Sun. And you can already read about it in The Daily Record:

To learn more about Baltimore Green Space, CLICK HERE.


Baltimore Approves Plan To Allow Residents To Claim Vacant Lots

Start A Green Space In Baltimore City

Baltimore Approves Plan To Allow Residents To Claim Vacant Lots

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun, “Under a plan approved by the city’s spending board yesterday, community groups that nurture a vacant lot for five years will be able to form a land trust to buy the plot for a nominal fee from the city.”

The program was initiated by Baltimore Green Space.  Baltimore Green Space was founded in 2007 by a group of community gardeners who wanted to see their communities’ treasured open spaces remain available to residents.   By working in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, the group developed criteria for identifying appropriate lots and a process for the City to transfer the community-managed property to a land trust.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Residents who wish to purchase a site from the city must create a nonprofit organization and demonstrate that the land is being used for a fruit and vegetable garden, play area, neighborhood gathering space or in some way enhancing the community, under the plan approved by the Board of Estimates. If the land belongs to an absentee landlord, the city will attempt to acquire it through tax-sale foreclosure and sell it to the community group.

For the full article from the Sun, CLICK HERE.

For more information about starting a green space in Baltimore City, CLICK HERE.

Plans To Build In Roland Park Green Space Are Scrapped.
March 14, 2009, 9:31 pm
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Roland Park, Baltimore

Roland Park, Baltimore

As a result of strong community opposition and a Baltimore City Council vote of “NO” to overrule district zoning, the Keswick Multi-Care Center plans in Roland Park have been scrapped.  The Baltimore Country Club, who owns the land, had planned to use funds from the sale of the property to improve its clubhouse.  Relieved Roland Park residents are hoping to purchase the land from the Baltimore Country Club and preserve the area’s green space.

To read the full article in the Baltimore Sun: CLICK HERE.