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Otis Rolley Is Speaking Out! -For Mayor, That Is

Otis Rolley Is Speaking Out!
-For Mayor, That Is

Photo Courtesy of Otis Rolley on Facebook

Back in May, Baltidome put out a plea for challengers to current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and now a glimmer of hope may be on the horizon for the green-minded of Baltimore.

Rawlings-Blake has shown no love to environmentally conscious Baltimorians as she quickly wiped out the widely popular Cleaner Greener Baltimore campaign within weeks of taking office and has seemingly been on a sustainability rub-out ever since.

In a just a few short months Rawlings-Blake has replaced sustainability efforts years in the making (the plastic bag ban, HAZMAT collection days, Main Streets programs) with Indy racing, full support for a potential downtown Walmart Shopping complex (whose plan appears not to comply with current sustainability laws), a beverage tax, cuts to Parks and Senior Centers and more.

Imagine Baltidome’s delight to hear of challenger Otis Rolley, who reportedly “drew loud applause and cheers from the audience” at last week’s TEDxMidAtlantic event “for a shout-out to Baltimore as he opened his presentation on a fresh approach to urban renewal” (BmoreMedia article).  “If you’re really serious about rebuilding neighborhoods, you have to invest in structures that value people,” Rolley asserted.

Baltidome will be looking forward to hearing and reporting more about 2011 Mayoral Candidate Otis Rolley.


Clean, Green…And Indy Racing?
January 28, 2010, 12:28 am
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Clean, Green…And Indy Racing?

St. Peterburg, Florida Grand Prix 2006

If Jay Davidson, chief operating officer of Baltimore Racing Development LLC, has his way, cars will soon be racing around the Inner Harbor.  According to a recent article in the Daily Record, plans to bring the first grand prix-style race to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor are revving up and incoming mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is “very excited about the prospect”.

Does burning rubber and large amounts of fossils fuels next to our already troubled Inner Harbor sound like a Cleaner Greener Baltimore to you?  According to Rawlings-Blake Roll Call Issue #130, “As currently proposed, the race would take drivers on a course through the streets around the Convention Center and stadium areas. Organizers say the event will not be branded as a race, but rather a ‘three-day festival of speed that’s family-affordable,’ featuring concerts.”

If approved, the Baltimore Grand Prix would likely take place in the summer of 2011.