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Night Heron Mania Comes To An End

Night Heron Mania Comes To An End

Just before Earth Day 2010, Baltidome noticed of a brood of Yellow Crowned Night Herons nesting on the Jones Falls in downtown Baltimore.  Known to nest in communes, three couples of night herons selected a conspicuous location above a downtown waterfall where city residents would have a deck and sitting area to catch all of the action.  -And take it in they did!

Hardly a moment passed where the night herons did not have at least a one person watching either from the deck below or a Druid Hill Park bridge balcony.  Before you start getting all concerned about a heron’s right to privacy, it should be mentioned that this is at least the second year the night herons have chosen this location, so they must have known what they were getting themselves in to.

Yellow Crowned Night Herons are unique in that they are night feeders.  They also differ from many other birds in that males and females are virtually indistinguishable from one another and share equal responsibility in all duties required for raising their young, including nest building, incubating the eggs, hunting for food and feeding the young.  Herons are coastal birds and it is furthermore uncommon that this particular group has apparently chosen inner city living.

The birds laid their eggs on the Jones Falls Trail in the second week of April.  Last week the first group of five night heron hatchlings left the nest.  Since April, Baltidome has been keeping an eye on the birds and recording their progress.  Below is a photo journal from the last several weeks.

Yellow Crowned Night Herons, we wish you great future success and hope to see you again next year! [tweetmeme]