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Today Is A Good Day To Switch To Windpower, Do It With The Click Of A Mouse

Today Is A Good Day To Switch To Windpower

Did you know you can switch to windpower with the click of a mouse?

Many people are unaware that they have an energy choice in Baltimore through their regular supplier, BGE. With the click of a mouse you can select a wind power plan comparable to standard energy rates in just minutes.

At a time when new streams are releasing stories of nuclear leaks, fracking wastewater, shale gas waste, mountaintop removal, dangerous coal dust deposits and more, if you haven’t already made the switch to windpower -shouldn’t you?

Baltidome used Clean Currents to switch wind power four years ago, and couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of the switch.

For those of you who have never made the energy switch before, fear not.  It takes a short amount of time and your new energy supplier will handle all of the necessary changes.  When you switch to a wind energy source, your bill will still come from BGE, as they are still your energy provider, but the company that sources the energy will be different and listed as such on your bill.  There will be no interruption in your service and the change is otherwise seamless.

You have an energy choice, so use it!

For customer testimonials on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

BGE Prepares For Electric Vehicles
January 27, 2010, 2:39 pm
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BGE Prepares For Electric Vehicles

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, “Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. is testing the waters with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging in anticipation of the cars hitting Greater Baltimore streets later this year.  BGE has signed an agreement with GridPoint Inc. of Arlington, Va., to use its electric vehicle management technology in a demonstration project to test the system. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.”

The recent push for electric cars is generating a strong interest and raising questions about how and where the vehicles will be charged and how it will affect urban electric grids.

“We recognize many Maryland consumers are looking forward to buying plug-in vehicles and we want to ensure we’re ready to meet their need for smart charging options,” John J. Murach, director of business planning and corporate performance for BGE, said in a statement. The testing with GridPoint’s technology will help BGE understand the impact of car charging on the grid, he said.

For the full article in the Baltimore Business Journal, CLICK HERE.

Electric bills are skyrocketing, state regulators are raising eyebrows, and BGE is called in to testify.
March 2, 2009, 3:42 pm
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On Friday Baltimore Sun writer Gus G. Sentementes reported,
“Officials with Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., the largest energy provider in Maryland, told regulators at a hearing yesterday that home-heating bills have skyrocketed this winter mainly because of significantly colder weather, greater household consumption and, to a lesser extent, spikes in commodity costs for electricity and gas.”

-But some just aren’t buying it. (For the full article, CLICK HERE.)


Have your bills been higher than normal?  Unfortunately, BGE is the only electric provider to Baltimore, so you are stuck with them. You should know, however, that you do have a choice of supplier.  By choosing a supplier, you can decide what kind of energy source will power your home and business.  Many are unaware that wind power is an electricity choice in Baltimore.  I switched to wind power over two years ago and could not feel better about the change.  Your electricity rates will be higher initially, but you lock in the rate for one year, so it could even out by the year’s end.

Three months ago I chose to offset my winter energy costs by purchasing a smart power strip for the TV (and surrounds) and unplugging all electronics and appliances when not in use.  Since implementing these practices, I have cut my bill by half.  Last month the bill was $175 for our three-story rowhome.

For information about how to wind power, CLICK HERE.

There Is No Clean Coal