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Baltimore Citypaper Steers Clear Of The Nuclear Debate

NO Nukes

A Baltimore Citypaper reader recently submit a letter to the editor regarding the lack of coverage of the deal between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France and their efforts for a new nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs.  Well Max, Baltidome hears you and wants to help you spread the word.

From the Baltimore Citypaper:

The Mail, No Nukes
Posted 11/18/2009

I went through the latest issue of City Paper looking for news of the Public Service Commission’s approval of the merger between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France. But there was none. This is a major news story, as the PSC members lacked the courage to reject a deal which will result in the building of a third nuclear reactor in Maryland.

Nuclear energy is a failed and dangerous way to produce electricity. It is a byproduct of the nuclear-weapons industry, and cannot exist without the government propping it up with favorable legislation and subsidies. Instead of the PSC telling Constellation Energy to get busy on renewable energy, it sold out the financial future of the citizens in Maryland.

The taxpayers and ratepayers cannot afford nuclear energy. Whatever reactor-cost figure is used, anywhere from $10 to $15 billion, it will be wrong, as cost overruns are a guarantee. Also guaranteed are higher rates. Many people in Baltimore, which has the highest poverty rate in the state, cannot afford current rates. How will they pay their bills when the cost of this reactor is expected to triple the rates?

People will have to make choices between paying the utility bill and buying food. Or medicine. Or paying the rent. Deregulation means never saying sorry for taking more and more money from the people. City Paper should cover this travesty.

Max Obuszewski

Another Step Closer To A Third Nuclear Reactor At Calvert Cliffs

Constellation, EDF Agree On Nuclear Venture Terms

Nuclear_SymbolBy BRIAN WITTE, Associated Press Writer Brian Witte, Associated Press Writer Mon Nov 2, 11:32 am ET

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Constellation Energy Group and France’s EDF agreed Monday with conditions set by Maryland regulators to move forward with a $4.5 billion joint nuclear venture.

Constellation said it had received approval from its board and that the Baltimore-based company is “now moving to close the transaction as quickly as possible.”

EDF is seeking to acquire nearly half of Constellation’s nuclear assets. Constellation has said the joint venture with EDF will enable it to build a third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby in southern Maryland to meet future energy demands.

For the full story…CLICK HERE

O’Malley Will Get Political Payoff For Support Of Nuclear Renaissance In Maryland

O’Malley Supports Constellation Deal

Governor Martin O’Malley Is Supporting A Constellation Deal That Could Lead To A Nuclear Renaissance In Maryland.

Much debate has surrounded the approval of a joint venture between Baltimore-based Constellation Energy and the French owned company Electricite de France.  Today it was announced that O’Mallery supports the deal, but wants something in exchange for his approval; a one time credit for all BGE customers that may total more than $200 per household.  The payoff to customers could come just in time for O’Malley’s re-election next year.

For more information from an article in the Baltimore Sun, CLICK HERE.

Nuclear Renaissance

Baltimore Based Constellation Energy Aims to Activate Nuclear Renaissance.

On Friday the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a partnership (the transfer of operating licenses) between Constellation Energy and Electricite de France, a French energy company.  Armed with this new vote of support from the US government, Mayo Shattuck, Chief Executive Officer of Constellation Energy, took to the airways this morning to advertise his campaign for a Nuclear Renaissance.

For folks who aren’ t as excited about the Nuclear Renaissance as Mayo Shattuck, consider switching to wind power.  If you live in Baltimore, wind power is currently cheaper than the rates you are receiving from Constellation Energy through BGE.  For more information on switching to wind power, CLICK HERE.

For an article in the Washington Post about the transfer of operating licenses, CLICK HERE.

Why Should Baltimore Care About A New Nuclear Reactor At Calvert Cliffs

Why Should Baltimore Care About A New Nuclear Reactor At Calvert Cliffs


If Constellation Energy has its way, the two nuclear reactors currently at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Station in Maryland will soon be joined by a third.  So why should Baltimore residents care?

Here are a few points of interest:

1.    Maryland will forever be known as a state who instigated the “Nuclear Renaissance” (No new nuclear reactor has been built in the 30yrs since the 3-mile island nuclear melt down).

2.    There is currently no place to dispose of the waste.  Remember those plans to take nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain?  Well, those plans were created under the assumption that nuclear plants would eventually shut down and there would be a limit to the waste.  Now that energy companies hope to push nuclear as a “green” energy option, get federal funding and built more reactors, Yucca Mountain folks said NO WAY and the plans were scrapped.  Currently Calvert Cliffs has more than 900 tons of nuclear waste stored at the site.  So where will the waste go now?  Anyone?  Anyone?

3.    National Security.  There is no (public) evidence to suggest that Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant is a specific target. However, it should be noted that, according to a May 2009 article in the Washington Post, in recent security exercises (required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005), “At least five bullets escaped the firing range and traveled more than a half-mile before striking buildings and a vehicle near the reactors, according to the NRC, Constellation and the sheriff’s office.”  In other words, somebody shot the wrong way –toward the reactors.  Accidents happen, which is why you have exercises, but come on, you should at least know to shoot away from the giant radioactive object.  Now, do you feel confident that we are prepared?

4.    Cost.  Who’s paying for it?  According to an article this week in the Christian Science Monitor, “No nuclear plants in the US are under construction yet because they haven’t secured federal licenses or loan guarantees, many observers say. Such guarantees would become a huge stimulus for the nuclear power industry, enabling utilities to borrow billions from Wall Street or the federal finance bank.”  Yep, that’s right, if Constellation Energy starts to get going on the project, it will be because of money donated by you and me.

What can you do?

Contact Governor Martin O’Malley and voice your concern.  According to his site “We’d like to hear from you.”  So, go ahead and send him an email –CLICK HERE.

Switch to wind power.  Hit ‘em where it hurts!  You can do it with the click of a mouse and, by choosing “Clean Currents” as your new energy supplier, you will actually save money.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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Things That Make You Go Hmm… Constellation Energy Backs Fed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Bill
May 19, 2009, 12:34 pm
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Calvert Cliffs, Maryland

Calvert Cliffs, Maryland

If you live in Baltimore and have not yet made the switch to a new energy supplier, then you are currently getting your energy from BGE’s parent company, Baltimore-based Constellation Energy.  Constellation Energy is not known for green practices, so it is not surprising that one might question its motives behind the backing of the Federal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Bill currently under debate.  According to an article out today in Reuters, “at the heart of the bill is the establishment of a ‘cap and trade’ system that would gradually reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that utilities, steelmakers, oil refineries and other companies could emit”.  So, why is Constellation so ready to hop on board?

Well, Constellation is currently moving forward with a plan to build a third nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs in Southern Maryland.  No new nuclear reactors have been built in the U.S. in a decade, but according to an article in the DailyRecord today, “an interest in nuclear energy has resurfaced in the last few years”.While not considered by many to be “green energy” (you do have all that toxic waste at the end and all), nuclear energy does provide less greenhouse emissions than coal.  A government bill requiring companies to cap their emissions would likely make the installation of the new reactor smooth sailing for Constellation Energy.  The added bonus –a deal is pending between Constellation and Electricite de France for EDF to buy half of Constellation’s nuclear power business.


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