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While The Rest Of the World Contemplates The Risk/Reward Of Nuclear Power, America Plods On
May 17, 2011, 10:22 am
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While The Rest Of the World Contemplates The Risk/Reward Of Nuclear Power, America Plods On

May 13, 2011, Timothy Wheeler of the Baltimore Sun:

Third Calvert Cliffs nuclear reactor clears environmental review

A federal environmental review has found no reason not to permit construction of a third Calvert Cliffs nuclear power reactor in southern Maryland, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Friday.

The final environmental impact statement by the NRC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District recommends issuance of a construction and operating permit to Unistar to build a 1,500 megawatt pressurized water reactor near Lusby in Calvert County.

Other regulatory hurdles remain. The NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board is weighing a challenge to the staff’s environmental review and whether Unistar meets federal requirements limiting foreign ownership.

While the rest of the world evaluates the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and the RISK -vs- REWARD of nuclear power, in its arrogance America (and in particular, Maryland) plods on.  While a Tsunami is not likely imminent at the Lusby, MD plant, let us not forget the close proximity of the plant to millions of people (including the President) and the other potential disasters that could occur there.  The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland maintains hundreds of tons of nuclear waste with nowhere to go, it once had a suspected Al-Qaeda member working there and has had other rarely-mentioned safety issues such as security exercises gone awry.

Constellation Says Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Safe, But Evidence Shows, No It Is Not

Constellation Says Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Safe, But Evidence Shows…
No It Is Not

In interviews over the past few days, Constellation Energy spokespersons have been working to convince the public that their U.S. nuclear power plants are safe from disaster.  The truth is, while there appears to be no imminent danger, there are far too many factors that can go wrong at any nuclear plant, at any time, that put us all at risk.

In recent years, government officials and nuclear power investors have been contemplating a third reactor at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland.  Until the disaster in Japan, nuclear energy was being propagandized as a “green” energy alternative and nationally there has been talk of a “Nuclear Renaissance”.  However, not everyone has been saying yes to nuclear expansion.  In addition to environmental groups around the world over, Baltidome has been posting concerns over a Nuclear Renaissance for years (See posts on “Nuclear Energy”).

From previous Baltidome Posts:

(2009) Currently Calvert Cliffs has more than 900 tons of nuclear waste stored at the site with no place to go (In the United States, spent nuclear fuel is not reprocessed as it is in other countries, such as Japan).  [1]

(2009) During security exercises in Spring 2009, “bullets escaped the firing range… striking buildings and a vehicle near the reactors, according to the NRC, Constellation and the sheriff’s office.”  In other words, somebody accidentally shot toward the reactors during an annual security drills. [2]

(2010) On March 12, 2010 an al-Qaida sweep in Yemen resulted in the roundup of 11 individuals.  One of the individuals, was a suspected al-Qaida member whose records show he worked at six U.S. nuclear power plants, including Calvert Cliffs. [3]

While the disaster in Japan is likely to quell the nuclear renaissance here in the US, it is important that we do not have short memories.  If people were not listening to the nuclear naysayers before, perhaps this tragedy will be an eye opener.

What is the worse that could happen from damage to solar panels and wind turbines?

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