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Baltimore Top 10 For Business Startup -So Get Started!

CNN Puts Baltimore In Top 10 Metro Areas To Launch A Small Business.


Baltidome supports small business because they are generally greener than their corporate counterparts.  Besides being more environmentally friendly, there are numerous reasons that small businesses are good for communities:

The Small Business Administration says small businesses:
-create 1/2 of the U.S. economy.
-pay more than 45 percent of total U.S. private payroll.
-have generated 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs annually over the last decade.
-create innovation that protects the environment.
-have owners that live, work, and play where their businesses are located.

The Center for Small Business and the Environment says:
– Small business owners are politically active & 95% of them are registered to vote compared to the national average of 72%.

The Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance says:
-Nonprofits receive an average 350% more support from local business owners than they do from non-locally owned businesses.

-When you support small businesses, you support your city.
-Small businesses are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products.

Now may be the time for you to start a small business.

In addition to location, affordability, neighborhood revitalization projects, and creative professionals (touted by CNN as Baltimore’s assets), Maryland has some great resources to help you get started.  For more information on these resources, CLICK HERE to get started on your small business today.

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