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Cafeterian Man Screening at Maryland Film Festival

Cafeterian Man Screening at Maryland Film Festival

Check out the trailer above.

Cafeteria Man Film Screening
May 8, 2011, 05:00 PM
MICA Brown Center

From the Maryland Film Festival Film Guide:

Anyone who has ever experienced a public-school lunch knows that it can be a harrowing mealtime experience. Grade-D mystery-meat sandwiches, pizza that tastes and smells not unlike band-aids, and mercilessly reheated turkey ‘breast” with unnaturally brown gravy are among the better offerings at a standard school lunch. Shouldn’t schools be teaching our children how to eat properly and not helping them junk up their diets? As the old late night infomercial used to say, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Enter New Orleans chef Tony Geraci, the man with a plan and vision to bring healthy, green and locally grown whole foods to Baltimore City school cafeterias. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, it’s not as easily accomplished as it sounds. Baltimore filmmaker Richard Chisolm’s expertly crafted documentary, co-produced with Sheila Kinkade and David Grossbach, leads us through the trials and tribulations of a dedicated group of citizens led by Geraci who are on a mission to revolutionize Baltimore City’s school lunch program. Tony has friends in high places, but will it be enough to turn the tides of school-food bureaucracy—not to mention 50-plus years of backwards thinking regarding what constitutes a healthy school lunch?  (J. Scott Braid)

PETA2 Awards Baltimore City Schools Most Veg-Friendly Public Schools

PETA2 Awards Baltimore City Schools Most Veg-Friendly Public Schools

The younger version of PETA, PETA2, the largest youth animal rights group in the world, awards Baltimore City Public Schools Most Veg-Friendly Public Schools.

According to PETA2:

Baltimore City Public Schools
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore may not be the first city that comes to mind when talking about great vegan food, but Baltimore City Public Schools recently decided to focus on student health. The school district has adopted Meatless Mondays, which means that no meat is served in its schools on Mondays! The district teamed up with local farmers and distributors to provide its students with fresh, locally raised fruits and vegetables. Menu items also include black-bean nachos, vegetarian chili, and veggie lasagne.

To learn more about PETA2, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the transformation of the Baltimore City Public School lunch system and its leader, Tony Geraci, CLICK HERE to watch a trailer from the new documentary A Recipe For Change.

Baltimore City School System First in Nation To Observe Meatless Monday

According to the Baltimore Sun, a radical thing appeared at Hampstead Hill Academy yesterday -Cheese Lasagna.  Ok, so who hasn’t had cheese lasagna, but that is not the point.  The animaless dish signified the first of many Meatless Monday meals to be served henceforth in Baltimore City schools.

“They’re the only school district we know of,” said Ralph Loglisci, director of the Healthy Monday Project at Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future.

This program is just part of a master plan created by Tony Geraci, the system’s director of food and nutrition, to make school lunches more nutritious.  Earlier this year Tony Geraci with Great Kids Farm Supervisor Greg Strella welcomed the first group of Baltimore students to the newly installed organic farm.  The farm will be used  for vocational training and organic food production for Baltimore City Schools.

Next on Geraci’s list is installing a fish farm at the Great Kids Farm site and, as the Sun article states, he hopes to have tilapia there by winter.  “Our plan,” say Geraci, “is to get away from those frozen, nasty pre-plate meals by January.”

For the full article in the Baltimore Sun, CLICK HERE.

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