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Could Baltimore Become A Solar City?

Could Baltimore Become A Solar City?

There have been some interesting indications this past week suggesting that Baltimore may be on the verge of a solar boom.  For one, Constellation Energy announced that it is interested in supporting solar development and “has committed to expanding solar project development over the next several years…with a focus on projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California where solar incentives and credits make development particularly attractive for customers financially”.

Additionally Meredith Cohn, of the Baltimore Sun, writes on the Bmore Green Blog that “legislators and business people plan to show their support for three solar related bills being considered by the General Assembly”.  Cohn sites International Center for Sustainable Development who “shows the state gets about 196,000 gigawatt-hours of solar energy on a sunny summer day. That’s more than what’s produced at the state’s mostly coal-fired power plants here in a year”.

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