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Critical Mass Ride This Friday

Critical Mass Ride This Friday

Critical Mass Ride
May 28th, 2010
Starts at 7 pm from The Washington Monument
The ride will be about 6 miles long.

(From the Baltimore Critical Mass site)
What Is Critical Mass?

The first rule of Critical Mass is that there are no rules. The following information is only a guide and should be interpreted differently for every individual.

Critical Mass is a bicycling event. Everyone with access to a bicycle or any other foot powered mode of transportation are encouraged to participate. Riders take to the streets at a predetermined time and location and ride through Baltimore as a car would. Riders are encouraged to follow the same laws as traffic, i.e; stop at lights and stop signs, use turn signals, obey traffic directions, etc… The idea being that the event would temporarily impede traffic without causing hazardous situations – a staged protest if you will.

For a link to the site, CLICK HERE.

Citypaper Calls For Cyclists To Speak Up For Better Baltimore Bicycling
April 26, 2010, 9:47 am
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Citypaper Calls For Cyclists To Speak Up For Better Baltimore Bicycling

In a thorough review of the status of cycling in Baltimore by columnist Michael Byrne in a recent article in the Baltimore Citypaper, Byrne points out how far we’ve come and how much further we need to go to become a city that is safe for the bicycle commuter.  He points out that surprisingly Baltimore ranks 11th in the nation for those who bike or walk for transportation, but 33rd in the amount the state spends on bike and pedestrian funding.

Byrne speaks about the accomplishments of One Less Car, nonprofit advocacy voice of bicycles and pedestrians in Maryland, such as the 3-foot passing law, but also points out:

-It is largely focused on state issues, and as One Less Car Executive Director Carol Silldorff notes, “I’m a one-person staff.” While there is an expectation among many riders in Baltimore that Evans is the be-all end-all of making Baltimore a better place, he is quick to say, “I can do so much, but I can’t do everything.” Evans mentions the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, a close-knit group of City Hall insiders that makes recommendations to city government. However, “the group is still within the city government,” Evans says. “They can only do so much.” He then hesitates slightly and adds, “They don’t want to step on any toes.”

What Baltimore cyclists need is someone stepping on toes, fighting constantly at City Hall.

For the full article in the Citypaper, CLICK HERE.