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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Just Doesn’t Care
September 12, 2011, 10:04 pm
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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Just Doesn’t Care

From the Baltidome inbox:

Two weeks ago, I sent Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake a letter, asking that she add provisions to the city’s agreement with Baltimore Racing Development which would hold them fiscally accountable for the planting and maintenance of 139 trees.

What did I hear back from her office? Nothing.

We took the time to work with attorneys to fix the toothless agreement which the city had drafted – to add performance bonds which would ensure that BRD would fulfill its obligations.

But we heard nothing about whether the City would be following our recommendations – even though we drafted them in conjunction with the City’s Office of Sustainability, which is also concerned with BRD financial’s health and their ability to perform.

This Mayor sees everything politically. Can’t communicate with a constituent – it might get used against us. Can’t negotiate a contract that protects Baltimore taxpayers – a fatcat crony might get hurt.

Enough. I’m voting for Otis Rolley tomorrow; and you should consider voting for him too. But mostly, I’d ask you vote AGAINST Mayor Rawlings-Blake. She’s an anachronism, and she’s showing again and again that she’s just not interested in open government, or the environment.

A car race, in the 21st century? Cutting down trees so folks can see a bunch of cars? Insanity. The Grand Prix brought some flash to Baltimore, but at what cost? Wouldn’t it be better if we could come up with ideas together? Talk things through? Collaborate?

But Stephanie Rawlings-Blake just doesn’t want your input.

Please share with others tomorrow by forwarding this email, and via Facebook and Twitter. Vote AGAINST the Mayor. We need new leadership that listens. I’ll be updating you more on this after the election. In the meantime, I wanted everyone to know what I’ve learned, which is that the current administration cares more about itself than it does about you.


David and Jennifer Troy
Trees Before Prix
Baltimore, Maryland

Why Not To Vote For Pugh or Rawlings-Blake

What the 25th Street Station Walmart Development Says About Baltimore’s Mayoral Candidates

Listed below are some facts…

  • February 2010, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is sworn in as mayor of Baltimore.
  • Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a “proud supporter” (her own words) of the 25th Street Station Development
  • October 2010 -Jon M. Laria, a partner in Real Estate Department at the law firm Ballard Spahr, is appointed chair of the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission by Governor Martin O’Malley.
  • Jon Laria is the lawyer for the 25th Street Station development team.
  • Well versed in Maryland stormwater regulations, Laria aides development team in getting a waiver from a 2007 Maryland stormwater law.
  • The stormwater waiver, granted by city officials under the leadership of Rawlings-Blake, will save the development team untold amounts of money by allowing them to skirt environmental design practices required by the 2007 law.
  • According to a recent Baltimore Brew article, nearly $5,000 has been given to Rawlings Blake campaign by Ballard Spar lawyers and their spouses.
  • In November 2010, Incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley is re-elected.
  • Largest contributor to the Martin O’Malley campaign in 2010 = Jon Laria
  • In May 2011, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appoints Peter O’Malley, brother of Gov. Martin O’Malley, as her chief of staff.

Catherne Pugh’s Involvement in the Project

  • In July 2010, Pugh sends letter of support to Councilwoman Belinda Conaway for the 25th Street Station.  Pugh explains how she met with the developers, she cites Walmart and states that the development would be a “win-win for all involved”.
  • Catherine Pugh did not attend community meetings or hearings regarding the project.
  • Like Rawlings-Blake, Pugh’s largest campaign contributors consist of developers.  They include investment firms, real estate developers, contractors and construction companies, a parking facility developer and the Head of Sales at the Baltimore Development Corporation, among others.

Vote to end corporate and developers stronghold of our city.

In one week, on September 13, 2011, vote for a change.

  • Baltidome Supports Otis Rolley for Mayor.
  • From the beginning of his campaign, Otis has focused on small business, the importance of architectural preservation and a holistic approach to governing a city that focuses on public health, parks and schools, and support for the independent entrepreneur.

Otis Rolley Is Speaking Out! -For Mayor, That Is

Otis Rolley Is Speaking Out!
-For Mayor, That Is

Photo Courtesy of Otis Rolley on Facebook

Back in May, Baltidome put out a plea for challengers to current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and now a glimmer of hope may be on the horizon for the green-minded of Baltimore.

Rawlings-Blake has shown no love to environmentally conscious Baltimorians as she quickly wiped out the widely popular Cleaner Greener Baltimore campaign within weeks of taking office and has seemingly been on a sustainability rub-out ever since.

In a just a few short months Rawlings-Blake has replaced sustainability efforts years in the making (the plastic bag ban, HAZMAT collection days, Main Streets programs) with Indy racing, full support for a potential downtown Walmart Shopping complex (whose plan appears not to comply with current sustainability laws), a beverage tax, cuts to Parks and Senior Centers and more.

Imagine Baltidome’s delight to hear of challenger Otis Rolley, who reportedly “drew loud applause and cheers from the audience” at last week’s TEDxMidAtlantic event “for a shout-out to Baltimore as he opened his presentation on a fresh approach to urban renewal” (BmoreMedia article).  “If you’re really serious about rebuilding neighborhoods, you have to invest in structures that value people,” Rolley asserted.

Baltidome will be looking forward to hearing and reporting more about 2011 Mayoral Candidate Otis Rolley.


Would Baltimore’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward

Would Baltimore’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward

The first six months under the leadership of unelected Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been ulcer forming for some.  It is indeed stunning how seemingly comfortable Rawlings-Blake is making very controversial decisions in lieu of her path to power.  For environmentalists and many of those who appreciate that which makes Charm City different from all the rest, it has been difficult to find the positives in our new city leader.

Some nauseating decisions:

-The condemning of the plastic bag tax, but then the proposal of the bottle tax.
-Cuts to Parks and Recreation and City Tree Planting
-Slashing of the Spring HAZMAT collection.
-Proposed ending of bulk trash pickup.
-Doubling of parking fees in “park and walk” neighborhoods such as Federal Hill and Fells Point.
-Report that Rawlings-Blake was hobnobbing with “Walmart honchos” in Las Vegas last weekend.

When will it end…

Could the next Baltimore Mayoral candidates please step forward so the sustainably-minded can have something to get excited about?

How does BALTIDOME suggest we reduce the city’s deficit?

For starters -Impose the plastic bag tax, put speed cameras on I-83 in the city, fine litterers and ticket drivers who do not follow the three foot rule for cyclists.